On India’s 64th Independence Day…

As the 64th Independence Day falls on a Monday, people are overjoyed as they are getting a ‘long’ weekend. They are making all kinds of plans for the long weekend without thinking a bit about the relevance of the occasion. May God bless them!

For us, let us do the least we can by keeping the Independence Day in mind.

Let us…

–          Salute all freedom fighters, revolutionaries and even the common public who laid down their lives or did some kind of sacrifice for the Independence of our country.

–          Pay tribute to all the soldiers, navy men, air force personnel and policemen who sacrificed their lives or borne difficulties in last one year so that we were able to sleep in peace.

–          Pray for the victims of the July 14 and other terrorist attacks. And also pray that such attacks cease to happen in our motherland and the guilty are rightfully punished.

Vande Mataram!

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