Common Man to rescue Indian TV?

Finally, there comes something which revives my interest in TV serials. After more than a decade, I felt like watching a soap (as they call it now) when I saw promos of R K Laxman Ki Duniya – Aam Aadmi Ke Meethe Namkeen Kisse on Sab TV.

There are three reasons for me being attracted to it. Firstly, it’s based on R K Laxman’s Common Man. His cartoons based on the daily life of the aam aadmi are captivating for all of us. Secondly, because I am obsessed with the concept of The Common Man. And lastly, it was more than refreshing to see something clean and simple on TV during an era of meaningless and obscene content.

I am hoping the show rises at least to the level of my expectations. R K Laxman Ki Duniya starts tonight (November 28, 2011) on Sab TV at 9:30 from Monday to Friday. Let’s see if The Common Man can rescue Indian TV from the dumps it has fallen into!


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  1. Posted by ankita on November 29, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    acche serial hain


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