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List of protest rallies in December for Jan Lokpal

As expected, the Government and our parliamentarians have betrayed us once again by passing a weak Lokpal in the on-going Winter Session of the Lok Sabha. Hence, the time has come for us to show once again that we won’t take it lying down. We are ready to do what we did successfully in April and Augsut 2011- protest!

There will be a number of protest rallies all across India in the month of December before the massive protest from December 27 begins.

Here is the list of protest rallies all across India: –

1)      Kanpur: December 1, Thursday (Candle March)

Venue: Phool Baug, Near Gandhi Statue. Contact – 9580303575 , 9616002123

Time: 5pm

2)      Mumbai: December 3, Saturday

Venue : Mahajan Wadi, Opposite Voltas, Dr Ambedkar Road, Below Lalbaug Flyover,

Chinchpokli East, Mumbai.

Time: 5:30pm to 8:30pm

3)      Chandigarh: December 4, Sunday (Car and Bike Rally)

Venue: Sec 17/21 roundabout, Opposite Sec-17 Bus Stand, Chandigarh, India.

Time: 11am to 2pm

4)      Pune: December 11, Sunday (Full day Dharna)

Venue: Kamala Arcade, Opp. Balgandharva, J.M. Road, Pune.

Time: 10am to 10pm

5) Pune: December 11, Sunday – Freeze Mob to Support Anna Hazare’s Fast

Venue: Outside Pune Railway Station at 1pm, at Swargate Bus Stand 3pm and at Shivajinagar Bus Stand at 5:pm.

6)      New Delhi : Anna Hazare’s protest on December 11, Sunday

Venue: Jantar Mantar

Time: Full day

Let us show the government once again how wrong they are in underestimating the power of The Common Man!

Common Man to rescue Indian TV?

Finally, there comes something which revives my interest in TV serials. After more than a decade, I felt like watching a soap (as they call it now) when I saw promos of R K Laxman Ki Duniya – Aam Aadmi Ke Meethe Namkeen Kisse on Sab TV.

There are three reasons for me being attracted to it. Firstly, it’s based on R K Laxman’s Common Man. His cartoons based on the daily life of the aam aadmi are captivating for all of us. Secondly, because I am obsessed with the concept of The Common Man. And lastly, it was more than refreshing to see something clean and simple on TV during an era of meaningless and obscene content.

I am hoping the show rises at least to the level of my expectations. R K Laxman Ki Duniya starts tonight (November 28, 2011) on Sab TV at 9:30 from Monday to Friday. Let’s see if The Common Man can rescue Indian TV from the dumps it has fallen into!

Single slap turned into bigger humiliation!

Throwing shoes at (so-called) personalities has become a thing of the past after Harvinder Singh, a common man, slapped Union Agricultural Minister Sharad Pawar in Delhi. He was the same person who slapped Sukhram last Saturday.

The incident would have not gained this much attention if the NCP party-workers hadn’t reacted in this manner. By damaging public property (setting tyres ablaze, breaking shops, etc) and doing rasta-roko, they have made the incident more famous. In other words, the party-men made sure Pawar’s humiliation became a much bigger one than it was intended to be.

Few years back, a gentleman had hurled a shoe at ex-US President George Bush. This started an unusual trend since after that, few other (some so-called) personalities were attacked in the same manner. So, will Harvinder’s act start a much bigger fad of big names getting slapped? Let’s wait and watch!

This is the video of Sharad Pawar getting slapped by Harvinder Singh: –

Pornstar on primetime! Who next?

In India, pornography is considered a crime while porn is considered a disgrace. Obviously due to this, pornstars and looked down as one of the biggest social evils and are also considered worse than prostitutes. But our so-called reality show makers of Bigg Boss 5 have signed pornstar Sunny Leone in their desperation to earn TRPs!

Now suddenly, a pornstar is welcomed with open arms! In fact, she was given a superstar welcome! They are making it appear as if acting in porn movies is a respectable profession! Those who considered the profession the most shameful are now watching someone from the same profession with their families!

I wonder whether one can stoop so low? How can they become so blind to earn viewership and publicity that they can portray a pornstar as a respectable celebrity in a place like India? More importantly, where are those political parties and groups who are always up in arms against anything that harms Indian culture?

Prostitutes and bar dancers enter their profession not out of choice but due to financial woes. By reading Leone’s interview published in Bombay Times, it is certain she comes from a well off family. She has revealed she entered the profession out of choice (obviously to earn quick bucks). So, if we can respect her, why look down upon on sex workers and bar dancers, who are victims of circumstances?

These are some of the other things shown in the so-called reality show: –

* Shakti Kapoor indulging in all kinds of cheap behavior. He even touched a female housemate’s ass and pressed it! No objections raised by anyone!!!

* Even a pregnant woman Sonika Kaliraman locked in the house!!!

* Mehak Chahal, Pooja Misra, Shanali Nagrani, Rageshwari, Lakshmi, Siddharth (Sid),  Aakashdeep Saigal, etc fighting and cribbing against each other in a manner which will make kids appear grownups.

* Skin show especially in those pool parties! Regular vulgar moves!

It’s shuddering to think how further low the makers of Bigg Boss will fall to generate hype and TRPs! Looks like if the makers don’t get the desired TRPs, they might even try to bring Kasab in the house! They will justify their proposal saying, “What difference will it make since he is already locked up as our guest since years?”

P.S – I am not at all sorry to say that the makers of the show are no different than pimps!

Anna Hazare’s New Blog

After shutting down his blog due to a fall out with his blogger Raju Parulekar, who was accused of putting up his own views without permission, Anna Hazare has returned to the blogosphere by starting a new blog.

The URL of his new blog is –

Anna’s Facebook page and Twitter page remains the same which are: –

Link to his Facebook Page –

Link to his Twitter Page –!/annahazaresays


Winter Session likely to trigger winter protests

The all important Winter Session of the Lok Sabha starts tomorrow on November 22, 2011. Apart from the issues of Chidambaram vs BJP and Mayawati’s four-part theory of Uttar Pradesh (UP), all attention will be on Jan Lokpal Bill. Will it be passed finally?

Anna Hazare, head honcho of India Against Corruption (IAC), has firmly stated that if the Jan Lokpal Bill isn’t passed in the Winter Session of the Parliament, the IAC, along with crores of Indians will start another round of protests. The massive protests which took place in August this year and shook the hell out of the government will be seen again. In fact, there are hints from IAC members that winter protests will be much bigger than the monsoon one!

Looking at Congress’ attitude and the cheap games they have been playing to keep the focus away from the main issue, I won’t be surprised if they disappoint the IAC and the masses once again. They might come up with some new cheaper tactics.  Hence, it is more than likely that we will have to hit the streets once again and make the government bite the dust… once again. We are all ready and geared up. Bring them on!