Dirty Resemblance?

For making a biopic, the most important ingredient is to find an actor who resembles the person on whom the movie is made. Of course it is impossible to find an exact lookalike but there should be at least 15-20% similarity in the looks of the personality and the actor.

Milan Luthria’s The Dirty Picture is based on the life of the deceased southern sex symbol Silk Smitha. The makers have signed Vidya Balan to play the character of the dusky actress. However, I feel it was a wrong move to sign Vidya for the role as, according to me, there is hardly any resemblance between both the actresses.

Look at the pictures below and try to understand my point.

(Article continued after picture.)

* Silk was dark while Vidya is fair.

* Silk’s expression was naturally sensual. Vidya’s face doesn’t have that sensuality. Looking from the promos, the latter has to make efforts to give that kind of expression.

* Silk’s face had that naughtiness but Vidya has a cute face.

* There is a big difference in the overall look and body structure of both actresses.

* Most importantly, Silk had expressive eyes, i.e she could speak by just looking at you. Vidya’s eyes, on the other hand, clearly lack that kind of expression.

The Dirty Picture might well become Vidya’s best performance till date but I seriously have doubts with the makers’ choice for the reasons already stated above. Having said that, I would be happy if Vidya manages to make the character alive and I am proved wrong. Let’s wait till the release of the film which is on December 2, 2011.


4 responses to this post.

  1. This news byte should clear your doubts


    Btw, the movie is releasing in 2011 not 2010 !


    • Ohh this is strange. I have seen and read few interviews of Vidya Balan where she has clearly said it’s based on the life of Silk Smitha. Now she and Ekta has saying something else. Maybe they’ve changed their stand due to the case filed by Silk’s brother.

      And thanks a lot for pointing out that error. I had forgot to remove my time-machine band while writing it 😛


  2. We can’t compare both of them….I think that Vidya Balan is not have even 10% of Silk Smitha.


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