The Dirty Picture Box-Office Prediction

Star Value: Although the film doesn’t boast of any superstars, actors like Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah and Emraan Hashmi are well popular amongst the masses so as to pull the audiences in the first weekend.

Hype: The Dirty Picture is in the news ever since its first poster was released in June. And when the first promo was out, it created a rage. This was largely because of Vidya’s bold moves and exposure. Even when a section of the audience weren’t happy to see Vidya in such an avatar, it helped the film be in the news.

Since the film is based on the life of the late sex symbol Silk Smitha, it created further interest amongst the audience. Adding the fact that Silk’s brother lodged a case against the makers for reportedly portraying her sister in a negative manner, helped the film indirectly.

Music: The unusual and bold number ‘Ooh La La’ is being liked by the audience and the words of the song have also become highly popular. Even the mesmerizing romantic song ‘Ishq Sufiana’ is well received.

Prediction: Judging by the above factors, the film is sure to take a very positive box-office opening in the first weekend. Even if the movie fails to impress majority of its viewers, the producers will have nothing to worry as they will earn enough dough in the first week, since that is the period these days which determines a film’s fate. And if the word of mouth is positive for the movie, the film will find its place in the list of most successful movies of 2011.


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  1. I have always been an ardent VIDYA BALAN fan since Parineeta. You would agree with me, that each role of her so far, has been different from what conventional actresses would do in the beginning of their careers. Only Priyanka Chopra has ‘kind of’ explored that genre, that too only to a certain extent.

    More than the oomph factor or sleazy stuff in the film, which people are bragging about, it’s her performance that excites me.

    Milan Luthria’s films have been usually ‘UNUSUAL’ right from Kachche Dhaage to Once Upon A Time in Mumbai. Plus, his dialogue writers always come up with interesting & popular one liners, which form a part of his films’ USP.

    I would also rate him as one of the few successful director to have brought out the natural actor in Emraan Hashmi, apart from the usual serial kisser portrayals in other crappy films.

    Naseer sahab needs neither an introduction nor an explanation.

    Now, things that could play spoil sport here would be either Tusshar Kapoor or the script.

    These kind of themes usually lose track halfway through and people tend to notice that strongly. Secondly, in the highly talented ensemble, it’s very important even for the supporting characters to match up to the standards of the principal cast. Tusshar who so far has impressed only in ‘Shor in the city’ through his performance would be a key ingredient in this Dirty Picture ki khichdi.

    The newspaper reviews & overseas’ viewers opinion is quite encouraging so far Let’s hope for the best…


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