Clones of British Strike Again!

The Congress Government has once again shown they are no less than the British who ruled us, or even worse. A peaceful social reformer like Anna Hazare wants to hold a non-violent protest by observing a hunger strike for the amendment of the the Jan Lokpal Bill proposed by him. But our inhuman government is going all undemocratic by putting obstacles in his path.

Earlier, they imposed several senseless restrictions on him. But now, they have crossed all lines of dishonesty. Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari is openly accusing Hazare himself of being corrupt! This is coming from a government that breeds on corruption! A clear case of a naked man criticizing someone’s clothing or ulta chor kotwal ko daante. Need I say more?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and home Minister P Chidambaram have also said that Hazare’s fast-unto-death or anshan is unjustified. Okay, so will you pass the Bill if we just request you? If this is unjustified, how justified is keeping India’s hundreds of crores in the Swiss Bank? How justified is to keep a terrorist like Ajmal Kasab, who ruthlessly killed hundreds of innocents, as the country’s special guest?

On one hand they are disrupting Hazare’s peaceful protest and on the other hand, they give a blind eye when opposition political parties indulge in all kinds of hooliganism and violence in broad daylight. Does the government have any justification to this?

Now, we have all the more reasons to support Hazare in his protest.

Small ways of showing your support towards Anna –

– Give a missed call on 02261550789. Your call will get disconnected after the first ring and most importantly, it’s totally free!

 – You can also switch off your lights on August 15 from 8pm to 9pm (Batti Bandh Movement) in order to show your protest against the government .

Wear black clothes on August 16 to show your protest against the government. Most of us will be busy in offices but we can surely do this.



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