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Sharyat (Marathi Movie) Review

Apart from story and direction, Marathi movies have come a long way even in the technical departments like cinematography, sleek editing and background music. These factors are visible in Viju Mane’s Sharyat, which, minus few hiccups, is surely a one-time watch.



Ladies VS Ricky Bahl Box-Office Prediction

Star Value: Anushka Sharma has become a famous actor courtesy films like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Badmaash Company, Band Baaja Baaraat, etc. Ranveer Singh is just one film old but despite that has become a known face. This is due to his performance in BBB, chemistry and off-screen link-up with Anushka. And since their jodi is returning in Ladies VS Ricky Bahl, the film has gained star value.

Hype: The usual hype which is associated with a Yash Raj Film is missing this time. The promotion of the movie was overshadowed by Vidya Balan who went all out promoting The Dirty Picture. But then, even BBB hadn’t created a great hype yet the film picked up slowly after its release.

Music: Songs ‘Aadat Se Majboor’ is being liked by youngsters. Even ‘Thug Le’ is slowly becoming popular. Since two popular songs are enough these days, we can say the music of the movie is a hit.

Prediction: Ladies VS Ricky Bahl won’t take the box-office by storm, that’s for sure. It will rely heavily on the initial positive reports and positive word-of-mouth, else it will suffer.

3 years on, Kasab continues to be India’s guest!

I am unable to believe that it will be three years since the 26/11 terrorist attack happened in Mumbai. In fact, the effect of the horrifying incident was such that most of us have a feeling that it was just recently that the inhuman activity took place. Although one-by-one five years have passed, Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist who was arrested red-handed for committing the crime, continues to live as India’s guest!

The whole of India (or the world) saw him killing innocents. Later, he himself admitted to it. Hence, proving his crime and convicting him wasn’t difficult. Yet, he hasn’t been punished for committing the most heinous of crimes! What the hell is stopping our law system and government?

I have said this before as well – this will surely motivate upcoming terrorists to attack India as they very well know they will get to live a long life even if they are caught.

On one hand, the US soldiers entered an unknown country and ruthlessly killed the person who committed the biggest terror attack on their homeland – Osama Bin Laden. On the other hand, we have Kasab in our custody. He is convicted but yet he is not punished. Most ridiculously, crores of rupees, which are paid by the common man in the form of taxes, are also spent on him! Shameful is a tiny term to describe this!

I think it would have been better if Kasab was killed in the operation. What have we achieved by arresting and convicting him? We wouldn’t have spent crores on him and made a fool of ourselves in front of the world!

By delaying the punishment, more and more amount of salt is getting rubbed on the wounds of the victims and their families! Plus, the sentiments of the common man are getting hurt further and further. How much more will our government and law system hurt the common man?

The only possible way looks like the one shown in the movie A Wednesday. The pro-terrorism attitude shown towards Kasab is making me think like this! How can I have respect for a law system which is becoming a circus?

The Common Man & his problems

(Once more my friend Padmanabh Subramanian aka Pady has contributed an article for my blog. I appreciate his effort where he has highlighted the problems faced by the Common Man of today. Have a look at it.)

Dear Common Man,

I have been following your tweets, posts, Facebook status messages and blog writeups pertaining to the common man & his struggle, corruption, social evils, etc.

Just thought of sharing with you few thoughts, which have been cropping up in my mind since long. Just tried to connect the dots, and summarize it as under:

The Common Man & his problems

All the social / national issues, the Common Man Speaks about, are more or less, interlinked or rather ‘knotted’ with each other. Recall the dialogue from Mumbai Meri Jaan, by constable Kadam (Vijay Maurya) to Patil saaheb(Paresh Rawal). ”

Patil sahab yeh jo galat hai na…ek ka undar ek itna ghichid michid ho gaya hai ki saala maalumich nahi padta hai ki iska shuruaat kidhar se hua tha…”

If one tries resolving one of them, the other becomes a bigger threat. And the solution also lies somewhere within the problems themselves.

Some of the issues we usually speak about are –

  • The exponentially growing population
  • Democracy
  • Politics
  • Internal Conflicts
  • Crime
  • Terrorism
  • Poverty
  • Development / Standard of Living
  • Corruption

Population, one of the well known issues in the nation, is the BAAP of all problems. Simple Mumbaiyaa logic boley toh Naukri k ghante aanth(8) hain, hafte mein din 7 hain, ghar pe khaane waale 8 aath hain, pagaar ek so saath (160) hai…ZINDAGI bole toh vaat hai !!

Development is something we have been trying to achieve since ages. But, it’s only few sections of the society that have been able to reap the benefits so far. And this section is the one responsbile for IT, technology and luxury boom in the nation. Today a call from a cell phone costs you 0.5 ps per minutes and the price of oil is almost Rs 100 / litre. So, there’s a paradoxical situation wherein, luxury comes cheaper than basic needs. And ultimately & ironically the brunt is borne by those who don’t fall in this bracket, i.e. the common man and the ones on & below the poverty line

Overall development of this huge population, isn’t frankly easy, because, to reach out 2 everyone is a Herculean task.

As a result,

1) There are few people who are lucky enough to get their share of justice and okay with the system.

2) Some of them don’t want to wait in queues or lines , but just want to get their work done ASAP

3) Some are too big / egoistic a persona to share the same space with the common man.

Talking about democracy, for name sake, we have freedom of this, that and everything….but it’s only few people who are actually able to exercise them and reach out their voices. Even among these, there are people who only want their rights to be granted “SADDA HAQ, AITHAY RAAKH” , but will never perform their duties and yet escape scot free.

Policies, rules & norms are subject to overnight modifications by the influential class.

Here is where come in CRIME, CORRUPTION & POLITICS

People who get away with Corruption, make it a habit, while those are not able to, resort to CRIME.

So, a frustrated soul has no other choice, but to choose one of the above mentioned.

Politicians play their usual vote bank,divide & rule, musical chairs, parliament chaos, kinda games, and add fuel to the fire, thereby creating internal conflicts as well

To get worse, some pool in relgious bias, wherein normal crime transforms into terrorism, courtesy our not-so friendly neighbouring nations.

However, when a terror attack occurs, it creates havoc no doubt, but if you see it from a different perspective, it targets the 1st problem i.e. population.

So as such, we have a dangerous dead-end in place to target all the problems, if we leave them as it is. Now it’s up to us whether we allow these to continue and the circle to find its own deadly solution or WE THE PEOPLE, work on each problem ourselves separately and in parallel.

If you feel I have made some sense, do share it with the world. Ek baar spell check maar dena please !!



Sher-O-Shayari (Part 1)

Some of my creations when I had nothing else to do.



Itni muddat se mila unka sunehra saath,

Lakh koshishe ki par na hui koi baat,

Bas lab humare kuchh der yunhi thartharaye,

Par nigahen kambakht chup kaise reh paye



Kaaton ko na samjho yun nafrat ki cheez,

Use bhi paida karta hai gulaab ka beej



Hai din bada suhana ujala failata hua,

Par humein hai intezar andheri raat ka,

Jab neend le jaye humein us khwab ki or,

Jo hai thikana un se mulaqat ka



Taak raha hoon use is ummeed mein,

Ki badal (change) ho hawa ke rukh mein,

Aur kudrat woh sunehra nazara dikhaye,

Jab chehre pe uski zulfe lehraye



Samjha humnein unhe suraj ki tarah jo roz roshni deta hai,
Par woh nikle mausam ki tarah jo aaye din badalte rehta hai



Us aaine ki taraf na dekha karo,

Usme to har shaqs dikhai deta hai,

Kabhi jhankho meri aankhon mein,

Tumhara hi aks dikhai deta hai


(Hindi transliteration of the same)


इतनी मुद्दत से मिला उनका सुनेहरा साथ

लाख कोशिशें की पर न हुई कोई बात,

बस लब हमारे येन्ही थरथराये,

पर निगाहें कब्मब्ख्त चुप कैसे रह पाए,



काटों को न समझो यूँ नफरत की  चीज़,

उसे भी पैदा करता है गुलाब का बीज



है दिन बड़ा सुहाना उजाला फैलता हुआ,

पर हमें है इंतज़ार अँधेरी रात का,

जब नींद ले जाये हमें उस ख्वाब की और,

जो है ठिकाना उन से मुलाक़ात का



ताँक रहा हूँ उसे इस उम्मीद में,

की बदल हो हवा के रुख में,

और कुदरत वोह सुनेहरा नज़ारा दिखाए,

जब चेहरे पे उसके जुल्फे लहराए



समझा हमने उन्हें सूरज की तरह जो रोज़ रौशनी देता है,

पर वोह निकले मौसम की तरह जो आये दिन बदलते रहता है



उस आईने की तरफ न देखा करो,

उसमें तो हर शक्स दिखाई देता है,

कभी झान्खों मेरी आँखों में,

तुम्हारा ही अक्स दिखाई देता है

7 Khoon Maaf Review

Rating: 3 out of 5

Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Vivaan Shah, Neil Nitin Mukesh, John Abraham, Irrfan Khan, Anu Kapoor, Aleksandr Dyachenko, Naseruddin Shah

Director: Vishal Bhardwaj

Music: Vishal Bhardwaj

Producers: UTV Spotboy, V B Films

Vishal Bhardwaj is known for making dark and unusual pieces of cinema. And after watching the promos of his latest offering 7 Khoon Maaf, it looked that this is the darkest and the most unusual thing to have come out of him. And as expected, this is indeed the case. Because of this and the final culmination, 7 Khoon Maaf will appeal only to a selected class audience and not to the masses. Having said that, Bhardwaj deserves accolades for his impressive creativity as a director and also for some out-of-the-box narration.

Based on writer Ruskin Bond’s novel Susanna’s Seven Husbands, the story focuses on Susanna’s (Priyanka Chopra) encounter with her husbands – Major Edwin Rodrigues (Neil Nitin Mukesh), rock performer Jimmy Stetson (John Abraham), poet Wasiullah Khan (Irrfan Khan), Russian Nicolai Vronsky (Aleksandr Dyachenko), inspector Keemat Lal (Anu Kapoor) and Dr Modhusudhon Tarafdar (Naseruddin Shah) – and how and why she gets rid of them. Arun Kumar (Vivaan Shah) also becomes an integral part of Susanna’s life.

Although in each story Susanna ends up killing her husband, the tales are as different from each other as chalk and cheese and so are all the murders. In fact, the unusual and witty way… (TO READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW, PLEASE CLICK HERE)

My Blog’s Performance in 2010

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