3 years on, Kasab continues to be India’s guest!

I am unable to believe that it will be three years since the 26/11 terrorist attack happened in Mumbai. In fact, the effect of the horrifying incident was such that most of us have a feeling that it was just recently that the inhuman activity took place. Although one-by-one five years have passed, Ajmal Kasab, the terrorist who was arrested red-handed for committing the crime, continues to live as India’s guest!

The whole of India (or the world) saw him killing innocents. Later, he himself admitted to it. Hence, proving his crime and convicting him wasn’t difficult. Yet, he hasn’t been punished for committing the most heinous of crimes! What the hell is stopping our law system and government?

I have said this before as well – this will surely motivate upcoming terrorists to attack India as they very well know they will get to live a long life even if they are caught.

On one hand, the US soldiers entered an unknown country and ruthlessly killed the person who committed the biggest terror attack on their homeland – Osama Bin Laden. On the other hand, we have Kasab in our custody. He is convicted but yet he is not punished. Most ridiculously, crores of rupees, which are paid by the common man in the form of taxes, are also spent on him! Shameful is a tiny term to describe this!

I think it would have been better if Kasab was killed in the operation. What have we achieved by arresting and convicting him? We wouldn’t have spent crores on him and made a fool of ourselves in front of the world!

By delaying the punishment, more and more amount of salt is getting rubbed on the wounds of the victims and their families! Plus, the sentiments of the common man are getting hurt further and further. How much more will our government and law system hurt the common man?

The only possible way looks like the one shown in the movie A Wednesday. The pro-terrorism attitude shown towards Kasab is making me think like this! How can I have respect for a law system which is becoming a circus?

3 responses to this post.

  1. Wonder what improves the condition. Sad state of affairs.


  2. This one & Lok Pal bill are two things the Government never takes a stand on. God only knows what’s the reason behind it.


  3. Posted by DeepJeevani on November 26, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    Jaha Congress kie chhaav hai waha Doostshakhtiyoanki Mauj hai. Eak Thappad kei Gunj Bharatiay politics ko hila dethi hai magar karoddo bharathionkie pukar un-suna karthi hai………….Very sad.


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