Pornstar on primetime! Who next?

In India, pornography is considered a crime while porn is considered a disgrace. Obviously due to this, pornstars and looked down as one of the biggest social evils and are also considered worse than prostitutes. But our so-called reality show makers of Bigg Boss 5 have signed pornstar Sunny Leone in their desperation to earn TRPs!

Now suddenly, a pornstar is welcomed with open arms! In fact, she was given a superstar welcome! They are making it appear as if acting in porn movies is a respectable profession! Those who considered the profession the most shameful are now watching someone from the same profession with their families!

I wonder whether one can stoop so low? How can they become so blind to earn viewership and publicity that they can portray a pornstar as a respectable celebrity in a place like India? More importantly, where are those political parties and groups who are always up in arms against anything that harms Indian culture?

Prostitutes and bar dancers enter their profession not out of choice but due to financial woes. By reading Leone’s interview published in Bombay Times, it is certain she comes from a well off family. She has revealed she entered the profession out of choice (obviously to earn quick bucks). So, if we can respect her, why look down upon on sex workers and bar dancers, who are victims of circumstances?

These are some of the other things shown in the so-called reality show: –

* Shakti Kapoor indulging in all kinds of cheap behavior. He even touched a female housemate’s ass and pressed it! No objections raised by anyone!!!

* Even a pregnant woman Sonika Kaliraman locked in the house!!!

* Mehak Chahal, Pooja Misra, Shanali Nagrani, Rageshwari, Lakshmi, Siddharth (Sid),  Aakashdeep Saigal, etc fighting and cribbing against each other in a manner which will make kids appear grownups.

* Skin show especially in those pool parties! Regular vulgar moves!

It’s shuddering to think how further low the makers of Bigg Boss will fall to generate hype and TRPs! Looks like if the makers don’t get the desired TRPs, they might even try to bring Kasab in the house! They will justify their proposal saying, “What difference will it make since he is already locked up as our guest since years?”

P.S – I am not at all sorry to say that the makers of the show are no different than pimps!


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  1. Posted by ankita on November 23, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    serly….. the show is just so cheap….ban karna chahiye aise nonsense ko….bt certain ppl e1 njoy such stupidity


    • Sachi mein yaar! Can’t believe how cheap Indian TV has become. And I really can’t understand how people can watch such crap!

      Thanks for the comment!


    • Posted by nick on November 25, 2011 at 7:55 pm

      I’ve already stopped after watching it for 4 years in a row.
      Seriously , I cannot understand how its happening in india where shiv sena and other bullshit can’t even handle a valentine’s day and they are letting a pornstar to be in bigboss. This is what’s left for indian culture and mentality that we are just after western chicks and sex. Come on people, please protest against it and stop this nonsense.
      I used to love bigboss but seriously this season they have truly proved that its all fixed and they are just pimps hungry for trp’s
      First , Kick out of Ragheshwari
      Second , Keeping Pooja mishra for trp’s . There is no way that girl can survive these many nominations.

      The most astonishing part one week you get swami agnivesh to promote your indian culture and peaceful image and the very next week a true pornstar .. Horrendous act !!

      I would have agreed if they got a prostitute from slums who was forced into all this as that would actually improve their image and the way people look at them but getting someone who just uses sex to earn money and destroy family culture and that too being an indian is horrible and should not be encouraged.
      What is bigboss trying to show That all girls should consider sex as business !!

      This doesn’t even happen in the west , what the hell is happening in india ??
      Hypocrites !!


  2. Posted by Divya on November 23, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    wtf! how can u compare kasab and sunny..haha.. be open minded… kasab killed people brutally i dont think leone is anyway near to that…out of ur mind you writer.. therz nothing nonsense in it…al it need is an open and broad mind to sink in the reality of human nature towards sex..


    • I have not compared Leone and Kasab at all! Please read carefully. I have just said ki makers ka kuchh bharosa nahin. What I meant is they are so hungry they might even bring in Kasab.


  3. Posted by Shubhi on November 23, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    aww..pathetic just cant measure Sunny and kasab on same scale…sunny is professional, may be what she do is not quite respectable in India but it is 100% legal and loved in foreign countries. But what kasab did is legal in the whole world….you should’ve used ur brain and should’ve done some research before writing such articles,,,,,,

    Well if you won’t feel bad then open ur mind..accept what’s natural to human nature and then think what sunny leone is doing, atleast she have the courage to accept of what she is in her reality???


    • I will say the same thing which I said to the one who commented before: –

      I have not compared Leone and Kasab at all! Please read carefully. I have just said ki makers ka kuchh bharosa nahin, they can do anything. What I meant is they are so hungry for TRPs that they might even bring in Kasab. Hope you now understood what I meant!


      • Posted by Shubhi on November 23, 2011 at 4:42 pm

        aren’t u earning visitors and traffic using sunny leone and kasab as ur blog title…so whats wrong with a big tv company????

      • I just want to put my opinion on the issue. In my opinion, they are showcasing a disgraceful act as respectable and I am just showing them the mirror. What can I do if I am getting views? If they hadn’t signed her, I wouldn’t have written on it.

  4. Keyur bhai,

    Too many hate comments already…I believe !!

    Let me explain to you how it works, through key points though I admit, I am not an expert !!


    Basically popular faces, who have either had a bad past (remember the fav Mahesh Bhatt formulae) or are currently doing nothing special (RGV’s fav) are invited as guests, irrespective of how cheapness / greatness in real life.

    As you are aware, the concept of Big Brother / Boss is basically to get an unusual ensemble on-board, locked up in a house for 90 days, allow them to be what they are, give them strange kinda tasks to trigger their natural instincts, response to stimuli. Now, every human behaves in a way he/she has been brought up or lived, and that is how it gets interesting.

    The makers never claim whether the participants’ professions are respectable or disgraceful. They just wanna show people the multiple faces of these so called celebs and how they play between ‘reality’ & ‘drama’.

    Sometimes, people fake, sometimes the reactions are natural. This world is full of manipulations & treachery, you anyways know. So, all what we get to see is a mixed bag of emotions, which even we play in real life, but within our own comfort zone.


    Secondly, the show is aired at 10:30 pm so that at least kids below 12 yrs of age don’t get to watch it. So, its not actually PRIME TIME like 8pm or 7pm. Parents should ensure proper counselling is being done to their kids. I guess the new show PARVARISH on SONY exactly focuses on this aspect. Do watch it if you can !!


    I agree to your take that PORN is no way a noble profession. But, there’s no porn stuff being telecast on the show for sure !! Secondly, Sunny Leone is not that popular in India, and her true profession has not even been revealed on the show as yet.

    Everyone is given a grand welcome on the show irrespective of their background. In fact they themselves find it embarrassing sometimes, and we never get to know that. It’s just that they are a little thick skinned.

    I would say the show is as an ‘EYE OPENER’, for viewers to understand the evils & dark sides of being ‘one time famous’, and ensure never to get influenced or carried away by fame. People should learn from such shows and vow never to replicate cheap activities at to avoid embarrassment.



    Finally, I would touch upon the issue of economics involved in it…

    Television today is a huge industry, and source of livelihood for millions, including spot boys, tea vendors, etc etc. India has a population of 1.2 billion my friend, how do you except these many people to get employed otherwise ? Don’t you feel they would think about of turning to crime ? AAM AADMI ko AAM PANNA kahan se milega dost ?

    Lot of these ‘one-time’ famous actors / celebs / TV stars are not too well off or educated. All they want is to get noticed, and get some work. In fact, if someone else pays you for you being getting noticed, what more could you ask for ? Look at all the previous winners viz Rahul Roy, Ashutosh Kaushik, Vindu Dara Singh, Shweta Tiwari….who have been just one-time wonders except Vindu !! Their personal lives are hell, buddy.

    Trust me, fame & money is something which seems sparkling but is damn painful. That too, if it leaves after you having tasted it. One keeps hoping & craving for just that one bit of luck to re-shine and you could regain that lost stardom, just like a drug addict who craves for a shot of ‘cocaine’ or ‘weed’. Living life as a celeb is sometimes much more difficult than a common man!


    Voyeurism is considered one of the best sources of business / entertainment for our generation dude. It’s we the people who help them achieve TRPs.

    In simple marketing principles, we called them as needs, wants & demands.

    NEED is something which always there inside human (strong or latent, depending on his/her nature)…in crude or Mumbaiyya words ‘KEEDA’ or ‘KHUJLI”

    WANT – means the options available in market which trigger the need boley toh UNGAL / UNGLI’ karna

    DEMAND – Choosing the right option – ‘MAANGTA HAI’

    Abhi jab aadmi mein KEEDA / KHUJLI hoyenga aur koi usko usee time pe UNGLI karenga, toh uska undar ka ‘Lalchee shaitaan’ jaag uthengaa aur bolenga APUN KO YEHICH MAANGTA HAI BOSS !!

    Coming to the viewers, public ko time-pass chahiye bhidu !! After coming home at 9pm, not many of them would look forward to watch ‘MANE’ on LOK SABHA TV like you & me !!


    I partly agree with your views, but would put it in this way, that shows should draw a line wherein obscenity is promoted knowingly / unknowingly.

    Trust you got my point. Sorry for the long lecture baazi. Keep writing bro, and please don’t take me wrong. I completely respect your opinion buddy !!


    • 1. I know the concept of these shows. Most of the civilized people find it disgraceful. I have just put my views because I just can’t take it lying down any more.
      2. These days, 10:30pm is prime time. Most of the kids don’t sleep before 12am.
      3. They are not showing porn but they are portraying a pornstar as someone respectable. Just visit her official website and you will know what kind of porn star she is. Respecting such a person, I personally find utterly disgraceful. I find it horrifying!
      4. I would like the Aam Aadmi to get employed in TV industry. All I want is that their energies should us used in showing something meaningful and not something which spoils the name of Indian television.
      5. About the marketing point, I give damn to it. Because all I know is that such voyeurism and such culture is spoiling today’s youngsters. And I will NEVER EVER help them achieve TRPs for shameful crap and shit they are showing. Please don’t count me in it. Sorry to say, but I found this point of yours laughable. Looked like someone from the creative department of Bigg Boss was speaking.
      6. Aur yeh ‘time-pass’ wali public ke bhi main khilaf hoon. My post is also against them. And the obscenity is promoted knowingly. I repeat – Bigg Boss walas are no different than pimps.

      Summary: –
      I stand fully by what I have said and don’t regret a bit. In fact, I feel I controlled myself to a large extent. Such shows deserve much much higher thrashing!
      And about the hate comments, I don’t care damn as I know I have not written anything derogatory. If people can’t understand simple English, it’s their problem!

      No, I haven’t taken you wrongly.



  5. I think TV channels have already begun to run notifications during the programs for views to write to Ministry of I&B, in case they find anything obscene. If the case is genuine, they would be more than happy to assist. You should go ahead and write to them, after having shared your views with the world. But, make sure to get a huge chunk of people along, so as to carry ‘weightage’ to the issue.

    Bigg Boss participants are on the show only for money yaar, none of them are respected, In fact they taunted, humiliated & tested, that’s the format of the show, ACID TEST for them. In fact, it’s funny how public term this as entertainment, it’s actually an eyeopener in disguise. It shows how low people can stoop for money.

    I wouldn’t generalized that civilized people don’t watch such shows. It depends on people’s mood swings & work pressure.

    It’s tough to judge people in terms of two extremes BLACK & WHITE in today’s world. They are some with ‘grey’ shades as well.

    Yes each one of us want the common man to get employed for sure. But, does everyone have a choice of what they wish to do and what they have to do ? There are very few people who are able to do exactly what they plan. Sab taqdeer ka khel hai bhidu. Some people just succumb to pressure of god knows what, and do their thing blindly. Be happy you & me are not unlucky enough & keep praying to GOD.

    Invariably, for most of the people in the world today, everything comes down to business. You & me might not care about monetary gains, but 90% of the people do. Today, the world is bloody end result oriented and not process oriented. And some times it’s beyond imagination, if you recollect the experience I shared day before yesterday about the so-called chaos. I have not yet been able to digest it 😛

    You found my ‘point’ laughable, that’s what exactly my aim was, to give you a feel of the thought process of the head of a 24×7 entertainment channel. You found it funny, but for me, such thoughts ‘HURT’. It’s like running a never ending race without knowing why, how & what is happening. By ‘we the people’ I meant, not exactly you & me, but people made up of the same material as us, fellow humans !!

    Lastly this world is mostly full of ‘time pass wala public’, I mean who else would know it better than the two of us. The kind of public responsible for SWADES having flopped, which still disturbs me sometimes. Remember, we discussed the same after Ra One & Bodyguard ?

    I would definitely suggest to keep writing, but with a cool mind. People like you deserve fardent ollowers, not haters. Democracy achchi hai, along with freedom of expression, but public ka saath bhi utna he zaroori hai dost. It’s important to influence people & win them over.

    That’s my point Mr Sher Khan !!

    After all ‘COMMON MAN’ is a part of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’.

    Sorry bhai thoda apna branding badha raha hoon…kya karun bhai, professional hoon na (SLUMDOG millionaire)


    • I might write to them.
      I just meant, the TV workers’ strength should be used for better purpose, which means TV should show something meaningful!
      I understand what u meant by we the people! Just wanted to be out of it.

      Thanks for the suggestion but whenever I feel I the need to write with fiery head I will continue to do so irrespective of what others’ feel. In fact, I am glad that I get angry on a disgraceful show like Bigg Boss. Agar yeh gandagi dekhkar mera khoon nahin khaulta, toh mujhe apne aap pe sharam aati 😀 I write what I feel is right and by doing that I certainly won’t have haters for sure. Aur by the way, yeh haters ka sawaal kahan se aaya yaar? Aisa kya likha hai ki log hate karenge? Majority of people will agree that the show is obscene. Just 2 people gave hate comments and that too because they didn’t understand my point.

      Main short mein khatam kar raha hoon because whatever I wanted to say I have said in my earlier comment. Waise bhi, I won’t like to waste my precious time thinking about something as horrifyingly shameful as Bigg Boss!



      • Posted by Rashid on November 26, 2011 at 12:25 am

        brother i totally undrestand your point of view, and i agree with you 100%. i would say you have controlled yourself more than you should have. i just cant BELIEVE that indians allow this to happen. i mean a family watching Bigg boss, what would a father tell his daughter about this porn star. what big boss is portraying basically is that being a porn star is totally fine, its just a profession like any other. they need to be reminded that robbery,rape,smagling etc are too professions, so do we have to accept them too?? disgusting.
        jab ek aurat apni izat ko deti hai to woh kuch bhi kar sakti hai. ek aurat keleye izzat sabse important cheez honi chahye. at least thats what i think is important in indian culture 😦
        and those haters who talk about being “open minded”. do they even know what open minded means. one is never narrow minded if he/she is against porn. please dont take out your clothes and start running on streets naked and shouting ” I AM OPEN MINDED”
        i am not an indian, but i am so mad at BIG BOSS. and i am wondering how is she allowed to join indian TV channel. i mean legally, isnt porn illegal in INDIA ?
        i watch big boss with my entire family, i dont know what would i tell my little sister when she asks me about her. i cant do anything, but you guys can. please stop this inhumanity and make sure no other pimp try to do the same again? may God bless you.
        P.S : dont be discouraged by haters, if they are fine with it, means its fine with them if any of their family members start working in porn. shame.

      • Dear Rashid,

        This was a super comment. You’ve put it wonderfully specially that open minded part.
        And yes, porn is illegal in India. Pornstars and porn filmmakers are arrested for making porn. On the other hand, a pornstar is welcomed with open arms. It’s truly shocking that nobody is raising a finger forget protesting. Feels like Indian TV is going to the dogs!

        And about haters, well, God bless them.

        Thanks for sharing your views.

  6. Posted by Manish Pamwani on November 25, 2011 at 10:51 am

    Anwers to 3 Questions which the entire humanity is struggling to find out….

    1) When Sachin’s 100th ton…?

    2) EK he maara….?

    and last one
    3) Why this kolaveri di..?


  7. Posted by Mudassir on November 26, 2011 at 2:03 am

    Censor Board!!! What the hell is this??? Well actually we’re responsible to keep our culture alive not the GOD-DAMN Censor Board. They’ve permitted a porn star to act in a so-called “reality show”.

    TV was a so-called SATAN by our elders; but for now even I think that it is no more a good entertainment device but actually transformed into an evil. First, we promoted sexuality & abuses in our houses… secondly the Indian constitution permitted homo-sexuality and TV serials seem to promote it at their best. And now, these are promoting porn.

    Internet is the widest ever network of anything you can imagine and anything you can’t…. It is well known that it is out of bound but STILL it is MUCH-MUCH better than Indian Cinema and TV shows…. at least it is not showing you anything you don’t want to read / watch.

    I think we should prepare ourselves to watch a porn movie with all of our family members if we don’t control the EVIL / SIN being promoted via TVs.

    THERE IS NO CENSOR in India… THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT….. There is nothing left in India to control the GOD-DAMN tv serials BUT WE. I request you all to boycott the cable connection and go for customized package of TV-channels IF YOU CAN.


    • Very well said Mudassir. We need to control ourselves else there will come a day when children and their parents will watch porn together 😛
      The Censor Board is needed more for TV these days than movies. Even for movies, they are doing a funny job.

      And I have almost boycotted my cable connection (barring sports channels and ETC, I don’t see anything else). These days I watch our old meaningful and clean Doordarshan serials on DD India, DD Bharati and internet.

      Well, we can just pray for some common and clean sense to the TV industry-walas and the viewers. But I doubt if even that will help considering the current filthy scenario.

      Thanks a lot for giving an insightful comment 🙂


  8. hi,
    it is strange n funny to see how many girls are supporting this. I read many comments on your blog by girls who support sunny leone. May be they are inspired by sunny n wanna be pornstar. Now girls have become more open to sex. All say we should be open minded to sex cos we all do it. Wtf? We do sex means we should start doing in public??? Aj itni gandagi kyu hai cos girls itni open ho gai hai.


    • Hi Tanmay,

      Yes, it is really strange. We are living in scary times. But I don’t agree that aaj itni gandagi isliye hai kyunki girls itni open ho gayi hai. It has to do with overall attitude of youngsters and the way they are inspired from the West in a very very wrong way!

      Thanks for putting up your views 🙂


  9. Posted by Rahool on December 2, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    Element of drama is always needed to generate TRPs although I dont agree with some of your points but most of them are right. Like the other guy said they didnt showed sunny leone nude on television, they just made her participate in the show (so I dont think thats spoiling our culture, they didnt mentioned anything about her porn on the show). Shameful fact is there are so many struggling actors in our country and Mahesh bhatt (idiot) casted her for his film. She isnt going through tough life at all. what I mean is that it was her choice to act in porn. Prostitutes have sex to earn money so in a way she is slut (kind of slut who doesnt deserve respect since she comes from rich family… obviously its her choice to do the porn… we all watch porn and enjoy it but the fact is no one wants to become a pornstar) Casting her on show is ok but casting in film (that too on television… free publicity to a pornstar wtf). There are so many young actors in India who struggle their whole life to act in film and this freak cast a pornstar who is not even Indian (I mean she is Indian but I dont think she knows anything about india coz if she did then she would never have done porn and even if she did she would never said that she is Indian). Also I dont feel that bhatt is good film maker (I mean come on) murder, jism????? really???? Scripts, stories copied from hollywood (no copyrights/contract/simply direct piracy ahem ahem) + using mr kisser to earn box office collection (have a look at films like I am kalam, wednesday, monsoon wedding, 99, khuda ke liye now that is film making). I feel ashamed that these people exist in our country. Let me clarify I am not against pornstars, all I am saying is they use shorcut and make easy/more money (0 respect) and if you feel thats respectable then why the fuck are we doing jobs lets name it “planet fuck” whoever fucks more earns more. we all will go to some shitty reality show (with no content) and will easily become popular and get films 🙂 wow life is so easy


    • Posted by Rashid on December 3, 2011 at 11:46 pm

      bro, tumara point bhi sahi hai ke show pe porn nai hai.. bas wahi baqi hai mere dost, ke big brother ki tarah bigg boss bhi sex scene show kare. mera point yeh hai ke usko bigg boss jaise big reality show laane ki kya zaroorat thi. india mai kam stars hai kya???
      aur jaise aapne kaha, ke mahesh bhat ko koi nai mila jo es pornstar ko sign karne agaya. matlab come on yaaar… india is full of talent and beauty. aur es ke paas na hi koi talent hai, na experience, no language, slutty character. i m really surprise how mahesh bhat treated her. he said mujhe bohot bara khazana milgaya… hai bhai hamain bhi pata hai ki wo khazana hai… leken talent ka nai, sex ka khazana.
      mujhe serf yeh problem hai ke bigg boss is a family show. aur families porn aur sex waghaira saat mai discuss nai karte. i felt so ashamed when my mom asked me whats the deal with this girl and why is she lying. i seriously couldnt answer her, i just kept quite and said i dont know. jes family se mai ata ho waha pe women ki respect hoti hai. aur aurat ki izzat hi sub kuch hoti hai.
      Note : one more thing dat shocked me was dat how “juhi” is supporting her and giving her so much respect. i never ever thought her upbringing could allow her dat. but kya kahe.


  10. Posted by Rahool on December 2, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    agar show pe vijender, bindra inn logo ko cast kia hotha I would have respected that (coz they have struggled and did lot of hard work) lekin casting someone jo camera pe nangi hoti hein not fair. Usme aur hamme fark sirf itna hein jo cheez ham parda girake karte hein woh parda kholke duniya ke saamne karti hein. And for those who support her think practically kalko tumhari behen ya gf camera pe personal choice se nangi hona chahe toh kya tum uski respect karoge/ usko alllow karoge? Social network pe broad minded hokar badi badi baate chapna asaan hein lekin real life mein halaat alag hein. Pron dhekna alag hein aur paise ke liye porn karna alag baat hein. dono mein bahot fark hein.


  11. A porn production has planned and is approaching sunny leone with a porn movie based on the concept of BIGG BOSS, i hope she doesnt accept to do something like that. And what happens in the movie once sunny leone re-enters doors of BIG BOSS ? i dont need to say further.

    I dont blame wersternisation, its us who get attracted to negatives of thier culture,and barely the positives(technology,manners[spitting in public etc etc],etiquetes,security managment etc).

    I am so confused with a hypocritical society,its funny yet co-incidental that vidya balan’s bold act “The Dirty PIcture” released almost in the same present when Sunny Leone has entered bigg boss. In “The Dirty Picture” ‘Silk’ aka vidya balan,where in directly/in-directly she questioned the hypocritical morals of people in several scenes.In the 80’s showing skin was a taboo in movies, and in 2011 its accepted by majority(kissing scenes,bikini,apparent nudity in name of script etc),but yet accepting a porn star into a reality show,sinks me in today and pretty sure it wud sink people even after 50 years.
    besides its hard to believe whoever commented hasnt in thier own closed doors,men/women never seen porn in this todays world.

    as a nation we are just confused as to what is the limit of ‘being open’ that we are willing to accept with the changing times ,or in the name of changing times.and certainly the limit has been challenged and crossed by sunny leone .having said that dont forget even with morals/tradations dont forget in which country children are born at such a rate where even the countries who have legalised porn ,are lagging far behind.
    is sex a taboo then??

    dont you think parents in western nations would feel the same embrassment as we do here if we encounter the situation where sisters/mothers ask questions and we dont no how to answer?forget east and west,doesnt parenthood is same for every parent,and for thier child.something is legalised doesnt mean people follow it religiously.

    trust me i have seen porn of sunny leone long before,and i admit it,its scary to see her in the house this way,it scares me in someway,it becomes disgusting,and degrading to see the same woman speak the natonal laungage of a country like ours.and charming indian homes with sweetness, for future benefits. trust me had majority of indians seen sunny leone’s porn ,and then see her here in the bigg boss house, she would have been thrown out of the country immediately. i m not clean, nor are many here,but i would never like to see indian women to be a pornstar,we better legalise prostution than porn, the needy ones wont die hungry and end up on roads,and misery.

    Had sunny leone not being a real kink,i think she would/should have dropped pornography as soon as she was good enough with monetary benefits.
    isnt that the reason she started into it??
    its hard to believe where a pornstar is welcomed with open arms,and on the other hand we as indians expect rate of rapes to come down.

    women to most of us have been different,and now to see something like this,and the benefits and love we shower on a pornstar, i dont have doubt wether its encouraging indian youngsters directly/indirectly. or atleast creating questions,”glam/sham and respect and money she gets from our country,that is for what??”

    i dont know where we are headed,and till what time before we say “enough is enough”
    or do we say that??


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