Winter Session likely to trigger winter protests

The all important Winter Session of the Lok Sabha starts tomorrow on November 22, 2011. Apart from the issues of Chidambaram vs BJP and Mayawati’s four-part theory of Uttar Pradesh (UP), all attention will be on Jan Lokpal Bill. Will it be passed finally?

Anna Hazare, head honcho of India Against Corruption (IAC), has firmly stated that if the Jan Lokpal Bill isn’t passed in the Winter Session of the Parliament, the IAC, along with crores of Indians will start another round of protests. The massive protests which took place in August this year and shook the hell out of the government will be seen again. In fact, there are hints from IAC members that winter protests will be much bigger than the monsoon one!

Looking at Congress’ attitude and the cheap games they have been playing to keep the focus away from the main issue, I won’t be surprised if they disappoint the IAC and the masses once again. They might come up with some new cheaper tactics.  Hence, it is more than likely that we will have to hit the streets once again and make the government bite the dust… once again. We are all ready and geared up. Bring them on!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Good observations, however feel Govt.. will not be going in for further adventurism regarding JanLokpal & committing hara kiri. IAC needs to put all efforts now for the final push to get a strong Lokpal including citizen’s charter. Opposition also needs to be watched carefully.


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