Sachin’s 100th century bigger than team success?

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar currently has a tally of 99 hundreds in international cricket. Obviously, cricket fans, not just from India but from all over the world desperately want the legend to reach 100 centuries soon.

You can’t blame the fans as 100 tons is a humongous feat which nobody has achieved till date. However, I have started getting a feeling that we the audience and the media are putting huge amounts of pressure on the little man to reach the mega milestone.

Every time Sachin goes out to bat these days, there’s only one question going on in everyone’s head, “Will he or won’t he?” This is equivalent to parents desperately wanting their child to top the exams! Although he has borne pressure all his life but the whole nation expecting you to score a hundred every time you go out to bat is a bit too much to handle.

When India won the first test match against the West Indies, almost every headline mentioned the fact that Sachin failed to reach the milestone. Even news reports gave too much importance to it rather than India’s praiseworthy fight back to win the test.

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Now, according to latest reports, The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) has decided to present Sachin with 100 gold coins if he gets his 100th ton in the second test at Kolkata! Phew!

By giving crazy importance to his 100th hundred, we are forgetting the basic fact that cricket (or any other sport) is a team game where the end result matters the most. Hence, we should be more concerned about the result of the ongoing test series rather than concentrating on one individual score.

Sachin’s greatness is as huge as the universe. So, it’s just a matter of time when he reaches the 100 centuries mark.

The second test match between India and West Indies has just started in Eden Gardens at Kolkata. India are batting. Sachin has come out to bat but I hope our focus remains on India’s performance. Just let the Master Blaster be!

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  1. Posted by Padmanabh Subramanian on November 14, 2011 at 7:03 am

    Dear Keyur,

    I thoroughly understand what you mean…

    But, can’t help it bro, this shall continue till the Master Blaster plays cricket for the nation.

    If you recollect, he was unable to give his best during the WC 2011 final, wherein Kohli, Yuvi & Dhoni pitched in, anchoring Team India to victory. Yet, in the post victory interviews, the players said we just wanted to do it for Sachin. Just imagine the level of respect, admiration & adore they hold for him. He is the morale of Team India.

    He’s been playing since 1987, and by & large we now need to realize & re-frame the sentence….”CRICKET is a team game no doubt, with the exception of Sachin Tendulkar batting !!

    When he bats, it’s INDIA batting,
    When he scores, INDIA scores,
    When he fails, other 9 people have to literally slog it out for us.

    Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar (SRT) is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of phenomenon like Sir Donald Bradman & Sir Garfield Sobers. India is lucky to be a platform to one of these ANGELIC personas.

    Once SRT retires, these things would phase out slowly & steadily. It’s just a matter of time. And believe me, when we walks back to the pavilion for the last time, every Indian cricket fanatic would have moist eyes.


    • Dear Pady,

      This is well said. Agree with you.
      Yes, there will be expectations due to his greatness and larger than life persona. But I am talking about this ‘special’ expectations for his 100th ton which I find crazy.

      Always good to have your insightful comment.

      Cheers 🙂


  2. Surely Sachin will hit the 100th century, it just matter of time. The fact is each and every fan of his wants to push the monkey off our backs… and our BP raises each time he enters the field. The last test match in england raised so much hope but each time its been disappointing.

    i have posted my views in my site.


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