Just because we are not on roads…

There is a growing feeling amongst a section of the public that Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement for the Jan Lokpal Bill has fizzled out. From friends and well-wishers, I have been regularly hearing comments like, “Anna Hazare ka movement thode din chala. Lekin kya faayda hua? Wapas sab thanda pad gaya!”

First of all, let me get this clear – Just because we are not on roads protesting, it doesn’t mean the movement is all over. Anna and his team are still striving to get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed. They are still away from their homes and personal lives while bearing atrocities of the government.

Most importantly, the large majority of the general public, who actively took part in the protests, is still following every detail of the movement. Just visit any Jan Lokpal or Anna Hazare group on Facebook and Twitter, look at the number of enthusiastic comments to know the truth.

Like Arvind Kejriwal said in his latest statement that the government is doing every bit to shift the focus from passing the Bill by accusing Team Anna members of something or the other almost every week. They are bringing up issues which are of no relevance to the cause of Jan Lokpal. I salute Kejriwal when he said the government should give them the strictest of punishment if they feel they are guilty but let the Jan Lokpal Bill pass.

Accordng to him, the next protest will start soon and it will be bigger than before! Indeed it will be!


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