Bhushan followed by Kejriwal. Who next?

It’s been barely a week since Team Anna member Prashant Bhushan was brutally roughed up by Sri Ram Sene group that we have another news of violence against the anti-corruption crusaders. Now, Arvind Kejriwal is attacked by a shoe/slipper by a man claiming to be Jeetendra Pathak at Lucknow.

Judging by his attitude and statement, Pathak looks like a crazy jerk who isn’t happy with Team Anna. So, why doesn’t he have a straight talk? Anna Hazare and his aides are there to listen to him? Or was he planted by the Congress? Just because Team Anna is 100% non-violent, it is becoming a soft target for violence.  But how long can we take it lying down?

Bhushan’s attack is an even horrible example. A group of thugs enter a Supreme Court office in broad daylight with cameras on and beat a lawyer in the cruelest manner. Who has given you a right in democracy to rough up a person just because you don’t agree with his views? Soon, Ram Sene puts up hoardings across India self-congratulating themselves for their act! (Couple of such hoardings are placed just outside my lane).

It’s been a week since Bhushan was attacked and no action is taken against Ram Sene despite such glaring proofs and their bold confession. This in itself proves Congress’ total involvement behind the attack.

P.S – In 2008, Ram Sene members bashed up a number of women in a pub in Bangalore as they felt women are tarnishing Indian culture by going into pubs. Want a bigger proof of their true nature?


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