Messiahs of art never leave forever!

The ghazal genre was alien to me until I heard Jagjit Singh sing ‘Hoshwalo Ko Khabar Kya’ in 1998. This was just the starting point of my life-long admiration for the King Of Ghazal. I fondly remember two years later I bought the cassette (CDs were hardly there during those times) of his album Seher on the day I completed my SSC Boards. Thus, my love for his singing grew further.

To say that I was aghast at the news of his death is an understatement. What else can you say when someone who introduced you to the wonderful genre of music leaves forever?

But no, he hasn’t left forever. He was a messiah for he single-handedly revived the dying genre of ghazal in India and introduced the common man to it. Such messiahs never leave forever. They continue to live through their art…forever!

Let’s reminisce some of the divine ghazals by Jagjitji: –

Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho – (Movie – Arth)

Hothon Se Chhu Lo Tum – (Movie – Prem Geet)

Hoshwalo Ko Khabar Kya – (Movie – Sarfarosh)

Tere Bare Mein Jab – (Album – Seher)

Tumko Dekha To Yeh – (Movie – Saath Saath)

Yeh Daulat Bhi Le Lo – (Album – Jazbah)

Kya Khoya Kya Paya – (Album – Samvedna)

Shaam Se Aankh Mein – (Album – Khamoshi)

Haath Chhoote Bhi To – (Album – Marasim)

Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar – (Movie – Arth)


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