Digvijay’s proof or spoof?

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has presented what he calls a ‘proof’ which proves that Anna Hazare’s movement for the Jan Lokpal Bill is backed by RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). This is why I feel the proof is actually a spoof: –

– He just has a letter by an RSS activist where he has merely said that the RSS gives full support to Anna Hazare’s movement. Anna has received such support from crores and crores of Indians. So, what kind of proof is this? How can you prove by this mere letter that the whole movement is controlled and engineered by RSS? And from where did he find the letter all of a sudden? Most importantly, the movement started in April and gained momentum in August. So, why Digvijay didn’t show the proof before?

– Digvijay has also alleged that Anna’s support caps (topis) were manufactured by RSS. If so, he never revealed how he came to know about this! Was he doing some sting operation on RSS or was he so jobless that he was hiding at the place where the caps were being manufactured? Once again – the caps were made in August. So, why Digvijay didn’t reveal this before? Maybe because the head honchos of Congress hadn’t thought of playing this silly card by then!

– The most hilarious thing said by Digvijay is that the Congress party isn’t worried by the possibility that Anna’s movement might affect their chances of winning the 2012 elections. The manner in which Digvijay gave the statement in itself proves the shaken state of Congress. It is common knowledge that the party is having sleepless nights because of Anna and rightly so. Just do an opinion poll Mr Singh and you will know the humongous rise in the unpopularity of Congress!

On Tuesday (October 11, 2011) Digvijay had asked why Anna isn’t campaigning against BJP. Well, I pity Mr Singh’s common sense. Congress is the ruling party so all bills are to be passed by them. So, if they aren’t passing the bill, it is obvious that Anna or anyone of us for that matter will speak against Congress! Need some basic Political Science lessons sir?

After every few days or weeks Congress has been employing silly tricks to finish off the movement. This show by Digvijay was another attempt of the party to shift the focus from the main issue i.e the passing of the Jan Lokpal Bill. But, as I have said before, they won’t succeed. The Common Man won’t let them!

P.S – When a number of innocent Indians died in the July 13 Mumbai blasts, Digvijay didn’t consider the incident too serious saying, “Our situation is much better than Pakistan.” Need I say more?


One response to this post.

  1. It’s sort of expected, isn’t it? The Congress has been indulging in tactics to save its face too often in this stint. This time, they decided to go on the offensive because they had too many people against them. However, none of the Congress’s tactics seem to working; in fact they’re backfiring…


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