Are we really shocked by the Delhi Blast?

These blasts have become such a regular feature that we have accepted it as a natural calamity. If this isn’t the case, how many of us were really shocked or shattered at the news of the September 7 Delhi blast apart from those living near the Delhi High Court? The most worrying thing for India is that the citizens have adapted themselves to such blasts.

But you can’t blame the citizens for it when the government itself is showing apathy towards such incidents. Fake condolences by politicians and their appearance at blast spots and hospitals (like Rahul Gandhi’s irrelevant act today), lethargic court procedures after the guilty are nabbed, have over the years become equivalent to rubbing salt on wounds of the victims of the blast.

The most shocking example of this is that we have still not punished Ajmal Kasab who was seen indulging in terrorist activity by the whole of India! I say this again – this is and will give confidence to other terrorists as they know they won’t face any problem even if they are caught after indulging in a terrorist activity. So does it really matter who was behind the blast?

Today Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has given an assurance that the culprits will be nabbed. But what’s the use of it if they will be kept as India’s special guests by showering crores of rupees on them just like Kasab?

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3 responses to this post.

  1. It is really frustrating. Govt is not absolutely serious about terrorism.


  2. Everyone is just sleeping like dead…not ?


  3. Posted by shekhar vibhandik on September 22, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    i think we take care our self not depend upon any other


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