Mumbai Victory March Pictures (Some disappointment too)

Like other cities and towns, even Mumbai carried out a march in honour of Anna Hazare’s victory on August 28. However, I don’t endorse the loud, nasty band and the DJ type music, which was played there. Hazare has always maintained non-violent and peace in the protest so I got a jolt to see this type of celebrations. I am sure even Hazare wouldn’t prefer it either. Even the victory march in Delhi’s India Gate didn’t have such loud music and dhols.

Nevertheless, it was heart-warming to see such large number of Mumbaikars participating despite the very heavy rains and water-logging.

Some pictures from the victory march: –

Free water being supplied

Parle-G too!

Walking steady even during heavy rains and water-logging!

Devotees from Madina Masjid joined us and shook hands with us. Damn Syed Ahmed Bukhari!

The tricolor being carried


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