One man consumed food, a nation rejoiced!

We always feel a sense of satisfaction when we consume food. But on August 28, 2011, the whole of India felt satisfied to see a someone else consume food. There was an atmosphere of relief and celebrations across India as the great Anna Hazare broke his fast after 13 long, painstaking days.

However, we should not forget those numerous souls who have been fasting with Anna. Big salute to them along with a prayer.

But just as Anna said, we must not forget that the main battle is yet to be won. We need to carry on the flame of revolution to even higher levels if we really want to see the change happening. Hazare also said he will continue his fight against corruption and so should we. Although its celebration time but we should also remember that the war is yet to be won!

What deserves special mention is the fact that all this was achieved without resorting to slightest of violence. India set a great example to the world that revolutions can be brought even by non-violent methods.

The man has shown us the path; let us walk on it with the same vengeance!

Let us watch the historic moment when Anna broke his fast: –


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