Anna Hazare makes Common Man victorious but battle yet to be won!

Today’s date – August 27, 2011 – will go down in history as the day when a simple, non-violent activist Anna Hazare managed to unite all warring political parties and got the demand of the common man fulfilled with Lok Sabha accepting three conditions put forth by him for the amendment of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

But it was a see-saw kind of the day. Few moments in the afternoon made it look like Anna emerged victorious. However, soon team Anna was disappointed with the news that there won’t be any vote for the passing of the bill. But finally, the pendulum did swing in Anna’s favour as the demands were met when the Lok Sabha adopted a sense of house in the form of thumping of desks.

So, finally and thankfully, the great man will break his fast tomorrow August 28, 2011 at 10am. It took him 12 days of starvation to get the heartless government move into action. But also spare a thought for all those who have been fasting with Anna since 12 days. These people are not in the limelight but let’s give thousands of salutes to them too!

Lastly, this was also possible because of the massive participation from the common man of India. Despite their hectic schedule and personal problems, we the people participated in the movement wholeheartedly. This is something that has never happened before in independent India.

Bollywood personalities have been quiet except few people like Anupam Kher but it was touching to see the big names like Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hirani and Sonu Niigaam personally going at Ramlila Maidan to support Anna! For your information, this cannot be labeled as a publicity stunt as Aamir and Hirani don’t have any film lined up for release in the next few months. Hats off to them!

But even during such victorious times, I would like to repeat what I have said before – this is just a small victory as the main battle is yet to be won. It will be won only when the Jan Lokpal Bill is properly passed and corrupts are punished!

Till then, we should make sure that we continue our support and participation in the movement with the same enthusiasm. We are in to rewrite history so let’s grab the opportunity with both hands!


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  1. You are right…


  2. This is victory for truth. Calling it as victory for Sri Anna Hazare will be under rating the whole issue. Now at least our new generation will understand the power of truth…SATYAGRAH… and will not think the movement of Gandhi as story. Anna has demonstrated the power of TRUTH….POWER OF SATYAGRAH. Hence neither the Govt. has lost nor ANNA has won. It’s the victory of TRUTH and all are welcomed to join this new changing situation for a better future for the country as a whole. There is also message for separatists…. be it JK or northeast or any other part of the nation. If the issue is right…they will be listened by all and will be supported by all so they should take SATYAGRAH in place of violence. May be in fasting also few will die…but they still are dyeing in the path of violence.


    • Great comments Kukkumol. Thanks for reading and putting in your words.

      Yes, this is a victory for the common man but the battle is yet to be won. Let’s keep fighting.

      God bless 🙂


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