We love hating team India, don’t we?

It is indeed disappointing to see Team India losing the first two matches in the ongoing test series against England. Given the form of the team in recent times, this came as a real surprise. But what surprised me more is the reaction of these so-called cricket fans and ex-cricketers who have suddenly forgotten the team’s great achievements in recent times and are going all out cursing them.

It is very difficult to understand that those who speak like gyaanis of cricket can’t understand a simple thing that defeat is also a part of the game. The Australians ruled the first two forms of cricket for over a decade but had to return without reaching the semi-finals in the 2011 World Cup. But look how sportingly the people of Australia have reacted to the defeat. Sorry to say, Indians can’t do this!

 Just four months ago, every cricket fan and even non-cricket fan was literally worshipping the Indian team after they won the World Cup 2011. There were mad celebrations all over the country. I still remember scenes where some were even bowing down in front of the photographs of the team as if they were Gods.

But just one series defeat and we turn a blind eye to all the feats achieved in recent months or years. One series defeat is enough to bring a major change in our outlook towards the team. Those who proudly called themselves fans four months ago are criticizing Dhoni’s men like anything and even making fun of them.

My only question is – why can’t we be with the team even during defeats? I don’t think you call yourself a ‘supporter’ of the team if you can’t show support when it is needed the maximum, which is during defeats. That’s the major difference between a ‘fan’ and a ‘supporter’. I proudly call myself the latter.

I supported the team during their shocking exit from the 2007 World Cup although many laughed at me. I did the same to them when just few months later we won the T20 World Cup.

I am doing the same thing again as I am sure they will bounce back!

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  1. Posted by Padmanabh on August 8, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Good one bro…If you ask me, I’ll put it like this:

    The support depends on the way our team plays, or the basic attitude of the players.

    When we give it our best shot and still lose, we applaud our people. I ‘ll explain you the funda just from the WC perspectives

    In 1987, we made it up to the semi finals, and lost, people applauded our efforts.

    In 1992, we won only 2matches, against Pak & Zim, still I dont think much of a hoo-halla happened, because we were actually outplayed.

    In 1996, we played decently throughout, but the semifinal was a disaster. I still have nightmares of the 120/8 match. Esp.the Azhar caught n bowled to someone like Dharmasena !! The performance was totally pathetic, since after Sachin, others just lined up in a queue. The batsmen looked like they were facing Dennis Lilee and Malcolm Marshall !! I am not sure about the pitch behaviour though.

    In 2003 when we lost out in the finals, none of us pointed a finger, since our performance throughout was brilliant !!

    2007 was an over-confident WC altogether. The basic attempts itself were flawed. And do remember, the criticism that followed, actually proved to be the driving force for Dhoni to lead the team and win us the 1st 20-20 WC immediately.

    In 2011 as well, if you see, bowlers weren’t upto the mark. But the beauty with which we outplayed everyone only through our excellent batting line-up (which earlier always looked good only on paper) was the USP. We won the semis, because Paki batsmen buckled under pressure, and the finals was out n out a batsman’s game !!

    Now, talking about the current test matches, our people haven’t still given the best inspite of having a good team, which is why we are pulling their legs again.

    And if you observe, we always criticize them like ‘APNA’ India toh bas aise he….which means we care for ‘OUR’ team and so get pissed off when they under-perform.

    For that matter, if you see, when we as kids didnt perform well in exams, we said our parents were after our blood !! It doesn’t mean they don’t support us. It’s just to make us understand our true potential and live upto it. Their anger is our driving force to excel my dear !!

    All these things are mis-interpreted, mis-reported, overhyped , in short, blown out of proportion, by our very own M E D I A !!

    So not to worry much, everyone loves the team as much as you Mr Common Man, only thing is their way of showcasing love is UNCOMMON !!

    Keep writing bro…I love your topics !!

    Chase excellence, success will follow !!


    Jai Hind, jai ho !!


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