Congress Goes Undemocratic… Once Again!

In a clear case of suppressing a noble intention against corruption, the Congress has disallowed social activist Anna Hazare to hold an indefinite fast at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar for the Jan Lokpal issue on August 16, 2011. Not-so-long-ago, they inhumanly ended Baba Ramdev’s fast on the issue of Indian money stashed in the Swiss Bank.

On the other hand, Shiv Sena’s executive president Uddhav Thakeray has called for a Mumbai Bandh on Monday August 1, 2011. However, our government has not taken any steps whatsoever against it. And we all very well know that if the bandh is really declared on Monday, the Congress is just going to let it happen and let Shiv Sena have its way, like it has been doing since decades.

Indirectly, the government is giving a clear message once again – we can only show force against the harmless even if it means resorting to undemocratic ways! And naturally, the Congress will do everything possible to foil Hazare’s efforts since he is fighting against something which is so dear to them – corruption!

But no matter how much cruelty the Congress shows, support for Hazare across India will surely continue to increase. And it is vital that more and more people come out to support Hazare since the version of Lokpal Bill which the congress has drafted is purely unacceptable.

To exclude the office of the Prime Minister and conduct of MPs in Parliament is just making a joke of the Lokpal Bill. According to social activist Arvind Kejriwal, the bill proposed by government does not even address scams like Adarsh, Commonwealth Games and 2G!

The only weapon left for the common man is protest. Hazare is going all out with his agitation at some other place if not Delhi’s Jantar Mantar. So, let us all join Hazare on August 16 in whatever possible way and show the government that we won’t take things lying down!


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