Law System, Government responsible for July 13 Mumbai blasts

Of course, some terror outfit is responsible for the July 13 Mumbai blasts (Dadar, Opera House and Mumbadevi). But according to me, it’s our spineless law system and government that is more responsible for it.

Long back, Ajmal Kasab was convicted for the 26/7 blasts yet he is living a problem-free life. A terrorist who killed hundreds of innocent Mumbaikars is enjoying the status of India’s son-in-law with crores of rupees being spent on him.

Naturally, this becomes a confidence-booster for upcoming terrorists. They know even if they are convicted after attacking India, the government and law system are there to make sure they live the rest of their life with ease. So, why wouldn’t they risk committing a terror act considering they are already brainwashed?

In 2006, the TADA court started hurrying up with the 93 blast case only because 7/11 train blasts took place that year. So now because of the July 13 blasts, there might be a lot of hustle and bustle with Kasab’s case. The message is clear – we need a fresh bomb blast to solve the pending blast case. But even then, there is no guarantee that those convicted would be punished (as mentioned above about Kasab).

It seems we need someone like the Common Man from A Wednesday to punish terrorists. People might think I am being filmy but I don’t find any other solution when we have such pro-terror government and law system.

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  1. Bro…initially, I was exactly thinking along the same lines wherein the common man should take arms, etc. But frankly, it isn’t practical. Common man can only defend himself, not fight a battle like a warrior. But, he has some powers like behaving sensibly, avoiding corruption, etc. which are the root cause of these terror attacks.

    Alternately, I feel in a country like India, democracy has lost its charm. To strengthen law & order, you need a military like governance, where people’s freedom is regulated. Crime can be curbed only when the fear of ‘atrocious’ punishment creeps in. Look at U S, post 9/11 whatever steps they took, they made it public and now nobody would dare to repeat the activity.

    I was speaking to some people last week who mentioned about the fear which people in Middle East & China live.

    Indira Gandhi’s governance was able to create that kind of ambiance here wherein people were ‘kind of’ always on pins.

    I maybe right or wrong, but I feel some drastic steps in terms of ‘type of governance’ needs to be taken badly.


  2. true… must admit i don’t feel safe in mumbai anymore


  3. I think you are partially right when you blame our spineless and also voiceless government.

    The government is indeed very much responsible as they could not even punish a terrorist whom the whole world saw killing people even after 32 months of his arrest ( ), which is giving courage to the terrorists. After Osama-bin-laden was killed there was a joke going around – If osama wanted to live he should have surrendered to the Indian government, they would have fed him, given him protection, sheltered him and spent any amount of public money just for a stupid ongoing case. Jokes apart but the point here what have the government policy made of us. The terrorists dont need to think twice before attacking India. Moreover even after repeated attacks from our neighboring country we are always ready to talk to them. I dont understand what do we want from them. Indians can survive and will in fact be happy if all ties with Pakistan are shelved off. They need us more than we need them.

    Some part of this blame should also be shared by the people of India. After the 9/11 attacks on America, the government put on a hell lot of security measure, to which the Americans adhered religiously. But here in India security measures are meant to be ignored. Gates are meant to be jumped over and the detectors are to be ignored. Here I will agree that half of them are not installed in working condition but the attitude of Indians is not that of a safe one.

    Anyway leaving aside this blame game, I just hope that the victims rest in peace and God gives strength to their near ones to over come this crisis


  4. Posted by Olly on July 13, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    If only Australians could have political discourse this eloquent and amiable.


  5. true…our most eligible PM agreed that they cannot stop it…


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