Hurting the Harmless!

Congress-led UPA government forcefully ended Baba Ramdev’s protest against corruption and also brutally roughed up his thousands of non-violent supporters (which also included women and children). But the same government doesn’t use any force whatsoever when political parties like Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena openly indulge in violence and destroy public property which also includes blazing of public busses.

Whether Ramdev’s act is justified or not can be debatable but how can you just brutally beat-up thousands of people just because they turn up to support a person? Amongst the thousands of victims of this barbaric violence is a woman whose limbs have become paralytic and a guy who is in a critical condition due to serious head injuries.

And that’s not all. Social activist Anna Hazare was not allowed to fast (on June 8, 2011) at New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar. Just imagine – country which speaks loud about its democracy, doesn’t allow a person to protest in his own peaceful manner as they believe there can be a law and order problem. On the other hand, chamchas of these political parties who beat-up innocents aren’t even touched and worse, dreaded and proven terrorists like Ajmal Kasab are given full hospitality and crores of rupees are spent on their stay.

This clearly gives an indication that in India, its okay if you gun down hundreds of innocents but it’s not okay at all if you wish to protest in a peaceful manner. This clearly proves that our so-called government can show force only against those who are weaponless or harmless. When it comes to using force when it is really required, it goes into it shell. People of India have elected impotent white-collar criminals!


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