Have the British really left us?

The atrocities being poured on the common man of India by our government and politicians often force me to doubt whether we are still living in the British era. But after looking at the way Baba Ramdev was arrested at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan and his non-violent agitation against corruption was forcefully swooped, my doubt is absolutely cleared. Now I am absolutely sure that our leaders and bureaucrats are equivalent to the British.

Couple of major justifications given by our HRD Minister Kapil Sibal for this inhuman behavior towards Ramdev and his supporters:

  • Baba Ramdev is a Yoga guru so he should not do politics.
  • He had assured that only five thousand of his supporters will throng the Ramlila Ground in New Delhi but more than 50 thousand people turned up.

Sibal thinks that the people of India are so foolish that they will accept such baseless justifications. If a person protests against corruption, how can you accuse him or her of doing politics? Is it wrong for an Indian to voice his or her opinion and take action in a non-violent manner?

About Sibal’s second accusation, what is wrong if people show non-violent support to a man whom they believe in? It is just that the government got frightened to see such large number of people gathering to support Ramdev and going against them. After all, this could hamper their money-making process, couldn’t it?

It is crystal clear that Sibal or the honchos of our government or other politicians have no answers to these questions. Their cowardly act against Ramdev’s non-violent agitation has proved that corruption is so dear to them that they will crush anyone who voices opinion or tries to take action against it.

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  1. There is another way to look at this issue. Agree, Kapil Sibal arguments are not fully digestive.
    However, Hunger Strike is not the only way to protest. Moreover in this case, Baba himself has said, his demands cant be met overnight. then what is the use of protesting and paralyzing the system. Today the Govt instead of focussing on core issues, is busy tackling FASTS and PROTESTS. Is this necessary? Cant we as a democratic nation, mature beyond this stage?

    You seem to be voicing something similar to what Mr Chetan Bhagat has said in his TOI Column today.


    • Nobody likes to do things like hunger strikes, But the situation is such that there is a need for a strong protest. You just can’t go out there and kill these corrupt politicians.
      Of course his demands can’t be met overnight but we need to at least start the mission of bringing India’s money back to India. But the sad fact is that nobody is doing anything for it which leaves us with only one option – protest.

      By the way, I haven’t read today’s TOI. Will check that surely.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


  2. Holding the govt to ransom is good? right?


    • The government is sucking blood of the common man in every possible way. So, I feel there is nothing wrong in holding them to ransom. In fact, ‘holding them to ransom’ is a very very mild thing to do. Ideally I would like all these corrupt politicians to be hanged!

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


  3. Posted by Himadri Buch on June 5, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Very well written and timely written piece…I completely agree with your view point. Government itself has got their blackmoney abroad which is why they are scared to take appropriate action against corruption


    • That is the truth! Government themselves have spilled their own beans by reacting in this cowardly manner. Now everyone knows how deeply they are involved in the scam.

      Thanks for the comment Himu 🙂


  4. Posted by Padmanabh on June 5, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Bro…frankly speaking…one of the reasons, why the British were able to rule us for 100 years was by bribing these kings, nawabs, maharajas, with petty gifts in the form of land, women,etc etc. and pitting them against each other….today politicians play the torch bearers….Stats reveal that every common man who tried to be a hero…was suppressed….be it Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey, Tatya Tope…Subhash Bose’s sudden disappearance was a mystery…Even in the Mahabharata, the common man EKLAVYA who possessed skills to be a good archer was suppressed….COMMON MAN ka kaam hai sirf COMMON LIFE jeena, khao khujao, batti bujhao…the COMMON MAN standing up for a cause, triggers a temporary sensation, but not a revolution…The only thing COMMON MAN can do is get educated (not just literate), get into the seats of the people and then make a change. Alternately, impart right kind of values / education to his kids. To bring a change, the COMMON MAN needs to be the CHANGE and I know you have it in you bro !! Think about it….JAI HIND !!


    • Very well said. Baat toh sahi hai that the COMMON MAN has always been suppressed but we still should have faith in the COMMON MAN. I strongly believe he will be able to make a change. Like you said, if he gets into the seats of others then there is a chance. But even without it, if there is huge mass movement, then the COMMON MAN can strike.

      And I am overwhelmed by your faith in me. I really I can do something worthwhile for India some day.




  5. While Baba Ramdev’s actions cannot be considered milky white, your headline is really justified, most politicians do consider that they have taken over from the British – Chidambaram also called themselves “rulers”. Our politicians are yet to understand that they are merely representatatives with responsibilities to fulfill, not rulers with subjects to take for granted


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