Baba Ramdev: ‘Fast’ and Furious!

Renowned Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s indefinite fast unto death from today (June 4, 2011) in New Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, against corruption and the black money stashed away in the Swiss Bank, is met with a thunderous response.

Thousands of his followers have flocked the ground and crores of Indians are glued onto the television to watch the proceedings. There’s no doubt that Ramdev’s act should be applauded by every Indian. But the big question is – will the Indian government, which is thoroughly submerged in corruption, will obey Ramdev’s demand?

There is around Rs 400 lakh crore of black money in the Swiss Bank. Is it really possible that the corruption infested government will bring the money back. If not that, can we really see these crooked politicians and bureaucrats themselves handing over their Swiss account money back to the nation? This looks something more difficult than finding needle in a desert.

And his demand of uprooting corruption from India, looks like even a bigger task! Is it realistic to expect that in India where not only politicians but even doctors, engineers and people from every profession indulge in corruption?

On the other hand, the government is going to have sleepless nights because if it just stays mum to Ramdev’s act, it will face humiliation not just in India but even outside. So the next few days or weeks will surely see some unexpected dramatic events.

Whatever the end result of Baba’s fight, I wholeheartedly support him as he is at least trying to achieve the impossible unlike crores of us who do nothing more than lambasting the corrupt politicians. And if he does achieve the impossible, it will go down as the most path-breaking event in the History of India after the Independence of 1947.


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  1. He is only holding the govt to ransom. There are other ways of protest.


    • Yes there are but we don’t know whether other methods will work. Let’s see what happens here.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


      • Posted by elton on June 8, 2011 at 6:46 am

        ive been social service like teaching english to municipal kids and helpn the handicap kids
        i think its wrong to say that crores do nothn coz whn i go out to help people i see lots more join in
        Baba ramdev has proved that he’s not a trustworthy man,…………… i dont support the politicians……………….
        whn ram dev stck to yoga i respected him,…… But now he is nothn more than BABA AaTHANK DEV

        he can rightly be called the NEW FACE OF THE RSS

  2. I too hope that corruption is rooted out but Baba is the wrong man for the job. I wrote a post about why baba should not be supported


  3. black money is a virus to our country
    why all politician against to this
    we thought all senior politicians are crystal clear
    human now the question is we need sardharji valabhai patel
    again to solve this black amount with iron handwe all indians
    now only way to pray god to save this nation from this virus


  4. Posted by Lalu on June 6, 2011 at 7:04 am

    The madam and Cong. party itself has lacs of crores in Swiss banks, how they can declare an black money stashed in Overseas National Asset. So, be calm and every politician’s Swiss bank money will be safe.


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