Luv Ka The End Review

Director: Bumpy

Producers: Y Films

Starring: Shraddha Kapoor, Tahaa Shah, Pushtie S

Rating: *

A girl sets out to take revenge on her cheating boyfriend. The girl succeeds in it but what about the audience? As the girl executes her plan (if we can call it), the poor junta is subjected to some non-believable and non-amusing events which eventually make them wince!

The plot of Y Films’ (youth wing of Yash Raj Films) Luv Ka The End is about how Rhea (Shraddha Kapoor) teaches Luv (Taaha Shah) a lesson for cheating her and deciding to ‘use’ her. There’s no problem with the plot but the way Rhea takes revenge appears plain brainless.

The makers have time and again stressed the fact that its film for today’s youth. But do they think today’s youngsters are so absurd that they will break the guy’s car, sprinkle itching powder in his underwear and portray him as a gay by making him dance in a Ghaghara Choli, in order to teach him a lesson? Even the humour thrown in fails to create a giggle, forget laughter. On top of that, the extra-dud climax provides a perfect icing on the cake for a poor product!

We also have characters like a girl who wears something like a swimming costume in an exam, a guy who is proud of himself as he can move his chest, an oversized pervert who can do anything to get hot girls for his party and a professor who is a replica of Savita Bhabhi!

But the biggest non-believable aspect of the story is that Luv is an active participant on a website where guys upload their love-making videos in order to earn points. The more girls, especially sweet virgins (as they call it), you lay; the more are your chances of being the winner. Imagine, guys openly participating in such a contest from all over India and happily uploading videos of their sexual adventures for the whole world to see!

Director Bumpy doesn’t make a bad debut. You can’t blame him if the script itself is shoddy. But the film somewhat scores in the music department as the title song and the Mutton song are hummable.

Although Shraddha Kapoor isn’t outstanding, she does justice to her character and looks confident. But casting Taaha Shah in such a role is a grave mistake. Not because he overacts in some situations but because it is difficult to believe that girls can be so crazy for such a character, as shown in the film. Pushtie S is the star of the show! Her dialogue delivery and witty dialogues do make you smile. Sreejita De is not bad while Rahul Pardasany is likable.

Overall, Luv Ka The End makes us shudder to think about Y Films’ forthcoming films, if this is what they wish to serve today’s youth. At the box-office, the film has some chance but only in selected metros.

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