So Much Turmoil For Justice!

A wave of joy and relief went through the people of India when social worker Binayak Sen was granted bail by the Supreme Court on Friday April 15. This is a reason to rejoice as there had been lots of people protesting against the life imprisonment granted to him. But is this really a matter of pride for us?

First and the foremost, Sen should not have been arrested and worst, should not have been charged wrongly for sedition. The whole fallacy throws a lot of questions on our judiciary system and our so-called democracy. It took hundreds of social workers, NGOs and common people to come together in order to grant justice for Sen.

Just last week, the Jan Lokpal Bill got a green signal but only after the whole of India supported Anna Hazare and showed its protest against the government in all possible ways. And we still remember the kind of huge protests that were required to punish the culprits in the Jessica Lal murder case, which was about a murder that was witnessed by around 300 people.

And coming back to Sen, he has just received bail. I am wondering what kind of protest will be required to drag Sen fully out of the mess.

So the obvious question is – Will justice be done only when the whole of India madly protests against the culprits or the system? If the answer is yes, may God bless our system, which cannot give the basic right of justice on its own.


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  1. Hi,
    Firstly, I am happy to see something related to Dr. Sen come up on indiblogger finally! So congrats for bringing up the cause here.
    With regards to Binayak Sen, he received a lot of attention by international media. We took out huge demonstrations in his support across the country. This is one reason why he has been able to receive bail. There are many small time activists working in tribal areas who get picked up by the police (if not killed by salwa judum)… they do not enjoy the goodwill of Dr. Sen and there stories of imprisonment and death remain unknown.

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    • Thanks a lot Ruhi for the appreciation.
      And I really didn’t know that there a number of small time activists who are bearing all this. Really disturbing to know.
      So this means our mission is far from over. We need to do something for them as well.

      Thanks for the enlightenment.

      Warm regards,



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