The war is not over, it’s just begun…

I always wished I was born much before the 1980s so that I could have witnessed our great leaders fighting against the British for our country’s independence. Not just witnessing, I could have even taken part in the battle. I always felt deprived of the actual feeling of fighting for the country. I knew I could never experience this.

However, an act of bravery by a 73 year old Anna Hazare, of fasting unto death for the passing of Jan Lokpal Bill, and the way it awakened the patriotic zeal in the whole of India gave me an experience of our freedom struggle. The stubborn way in which the senior citizen stood up against our villainous government and the subsequent support it received from people of all walks of life, made me experience the feeling I always longed for.

It also proves that all you need to fight is rock solid determination instead of a toned muscular body. Such was his determination that it shook the Congress government and gave them sleepless nights.

It was indeed a triumphant moment for the nation when the government accepted the demands of Hazare. Truly a victory for Hazare and the common man of India. However, I am a bit taken aback by the celebrations that took place in almost each and every part of India. The way jubilant supporters went all out on the streets celebrating made it look as if corruption is wiped out entirely from India.

We should not forget that the Jan Lokpal Bill is yet to be passed. Although Congress has assured about it, you just can’t trust them at face value. We will have to make sure that the bill is actually passed before August 15, 2011. After that, even a bigger challenge awaits us – to see that the anti-corruption act is implemented and the corrupt leaders and politicians are awarded the strictest of punishments.

So right now, we have just won the first round and the actual war against the blood-sucking government has just begun. And if the people of India show the same determination and zeal they have shown in the last 6 days, the war will surely have fruitful results for us. I say surely because it will be fought by the common man, who can be deadlier than any weapon of mass destruction!

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  1. Posted by Manoj Soral on April 15, 2011 at 10:08 am

    Nice blog. I found you through Anuradha’s blog on Mumbai locals. You have made a nice point about the war only having begun. Very true. I have also written something on similar lines.

    Manoj Soral


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