Thank You Movie Review

Thank You Movie Review

Rating: 2 out of 5

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Irfan Khan, Bobby Deol, Suniel Shetty, Sonam Kapoor, Rimi Sen, Celine Jaitley

Director: Anees Bazmee

Music: Pritam

Producers: UTV Motion Pictures, Hari Om Productions


Expectations from Anees Bazmee’s Thank You were limited because of the extra-marital affair theme which is done to death in Bollywood, promos which failed to create much excitement and lastly because memories of Bazmee’s last flick No Problem, which was a dud has still not disappeared from audience’s minds. And as expected, Thank You doesn’t succeed in being a non-stop interesting entertainer although some well-written witty dialogues and Irfan Khan’s lovable performance make it a watchable affair.

The central idea of the movie is based on just one premise – all men are dogs who can go any heights to cheat their wives. In this case, they are Raj Malhotra (Bobby Deol), Vikram (Irfan Khan) and Yogi (Suniel Shetty), close friends and colleagues who are habitual in cheating their wives Sanjana (Sonam Kapoor), Karthika (Rimi Sen) and Radha (Celina Jaitley), and having fun with other girls. After suspecting Raj for having an extra-marital affair, Sanjana hires Kishan (Akshay Kumar), who specializes in exposing cheating husbands and solving an extra-marital affair. What follows is a crazy turn of events which leads onto an unexpected climax.

Bazmee uses his old formula of presenting exotic foreign locations, creating slapstick humour in crazy situations, adding jazzy music and background score and adding lots of spice (exposure) in order to create large doses of entertainment. In Thank You, his formula works but only in parts. Although the writing (Bazmee, Rajiv Kaul, Rajan Agarwal, Nisar Akhtar and Ikram Akhtar) gives rise to a number of jaw-dropping sequences, it loses grip regularly, especially in the last 30 minutes where emotional scenes are thrown up which just don’t gel with the nature of the film. And the mystery about Akshay Kumar’s character appears silly.

Dialogues here are the biggest strong point and they act as a saving grace. Ravi Yadav’s cinematography is another plus point. Pritam does a decent job as a music director by providing tracks like Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo and Razia.

Irfan Khan deserves thumbs up for a mature comic act which even succeeds in keeping the interest alive even when things aren’t that interesting. In fact, his is coming is the backbone of the film. Although Akshay Kumar has appeared in a number of comic capers, he gets to do something different here. His act will satisfy his fans. Bobby Deol’s performance ranges between good to average. Suniel Shetty succeeds in being funny but looks uncomfortable in few sequences.

Of all the three actresses, Rimi Sen impresses the most and also looks beautiful. Sonam Kapoor grows as an actress although she doesn’t achieve that much perfection. Celina Jaitley’s character mysteriously disappears after the interval. Anyways, she was just forgetful.

The big relief with Thank You is that it is anytime better than No Problem. Watch it if you have nothing to do and just wish to while away time. At the box-office, the movie has some chance as such mindless comedies have had a good history at the ticket window in recent years.

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