An Open Letter To Shahid Afridi

(Not dear anymore) Shahid Afridi,

Your anti-India statements have triggered uproar in India against you. Although I am also angry with you, I also found your comments funny. Funny because it came from someone like you who has never been a wholehearted human being. Your antics on the field are a proof of it.

You have immense batting talent. Your world record of fastest century in one-day internationals is a proof of it. However, you got badly carried away by the success and started believing you can hit every ball for a six. This started your downfall as you started gaining more interest in hitting sixes, in your personal strike rate rather than your team’s victory. If you were really a wholehearted person, you would have batted according to the need of your team instead of just going out there with the only mission to hit sixes and in the process making a fool of your batting talent. In 90% of your innings, you have just needlessly thrown away your wicket. With the bat, you average just in the early 20s.

Over the years, as a bowler, you have started having an illusion that it is absolutely impossible for a batsman to hit you for a four or a six. Whenever a batsman does that, you react in a manner as if the batsman robbed your house. People around the world have witnessed you abusing batsmen after they hit you around the park. If you were truly wholehearted, you would have got the batsman out using your bowling skills rather than getting furious on the batsman and being a spoilsport.

Not just that, you always come up with all kinds of unsporting methods like excessive appealing to disturb the rhythm of the batsmen. And who can forget your worldly infamous ball chewing incident? (Still talking about wholeheartedness, Shahid?)

After your team’s sad exit from the world cup (when they lost to India in the semi-final), you were seen with a broad grin on your face during the post match presentation. In fact, your smile was wider than the winning captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This speaks volumes about your wholeheartedness as it shows that such an important loss doesn’t mean anything to you.

Time and again, whenever anyone receives a backslash from the world, he or she blames it on the media. You did the same thing after receiving criticisms from Indians and even Pakistani ex-players. Hence, you have made a bigger fool of yourself by making a U-turn for your comments.

I have some very good friends in Pakistan. By interacting with them, it is evident that the common man from your country has high respect for Indians. I advice to get some piece of mind from your countrymen.  The above mentioned point openly proves your wholeheartedness. Hence, you, a ball chewer, are not at all eligible to comment on Indians.


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