Government Apathetic at Hazare’s Condition?

It is a matter of deep shame for the government that 73 year old Anna Hazare is forced to protest by fasting unto death for the approval of Jan Lokpal Bill, something that is highly in favour of the people of India. The bill gives the power to the people to prosecute politicians and bureaucrats without the permission from the government (Wikipedia). The bill can be the common man’s answer to corruption

Poor Hazare is into his third day of fasting. So, why the Manmohan Singh led Congress government isn’t accepting the bill if it is so much in favour of the people? Ironically, the fact that the bill is so much in favour of the common man, as it can give him the power to prosecute any corrupt politician, is precisely the reason why the government isn’t passing it. It is obvious that if the bill is passed, the Congress itself will feel the heat since all of us are aware of the level of corruption in congress.

Having said that, it will be wrong to think that only Congress are in it. Not almost but all political parties are deeply into corruption and they all can face the heat if the bill is passed.

With support for Hazare coming from people from all walks of life including the common man, filmstars, corporates, cricketers, etc, the whole of India is waiting in anticipation as to what will the government do. If the government agrees to pass a revised version of the bill, Hazare will not accept and rightly so. And if the government agrees to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill as it is, it will be one of the most defining events in the history of India.

And God forbid if anything happens to Hazare, there will be such an outcry that the government can’t even imagine in their wildest of dreams. So in both ways, Hazare has trapped Congress government and we all are with him. After all, he is doing it for us, the youth of India!


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