Ringa Ringa (Marathi Movie) Review

Unpredictably Perfect!

Ratings: * * * * *

One thought that came to my mind after Ringa Ringa ended is that I’ve never experienced such thrill before as I did in this movie. The intense storyline, unpredictable twists and a sleek presentation make this Sanjay Jadhav’s work as one of the best thrillers to have hit the Indian screen.

The story deals with Rangarao (Ajinkya Dev), who is all set to become the Chief Minister of Goa despite his involvement with terrorist outfits. Rangarao’s aide Siddharth Desai (Bharat Jadhav) starts regretting his involvement with Rangarao after he gets to know about his links with terrorists. Siddharth reveals about Rangarao’s activities to the party chief Annasaheb (Uday Sabnis). Annasaheb assigns Siddharth the task of handing him evidences against Rangarao.

Rangarao’s man, a local goon called Anthony, babbles Rangarao’s activities to inspector Sawant. But, Rangarao’s hit-man Johnny (Santosh Juvekar) kills Anthony. In the meantime, Rangarao’s left hand, Vishwas (Ankush Chowdhary), a smooth-talking conman, gets hold of the evidence by bribing Sawant. Despite this, Siddharth lays his hands on the evidence and flees. After a series of unusual encounters, Siddharth’s wife Manasi (Sonali Kulkarni) enters the scene and becomes the most important player in this cat and mouse game.

What follows after this is a series of unthinkable events which keep you at the edge of the seat throughout. The strange thrills and twists till the very end give way to an unforgettable rollercoaster ride.

Sanjay Jadhav as a director as well as a writer invents an innovative style of narration, which will impress any international audience. To write such a script and then to present it onscreen requires brilliance. This man is surely a lookout for the future. Plus, a powerful background score, taut cinematography and a sleek editing deserve special mention.

This was the most challenging role for Sonali Kulkarni. The suspense and twists wouldn’t have appealed so much if she had faltered even a bit. However, she rises to the occasion and gives her career best performance. In fact, it’s one of the best in the past few years. Also, she looks amazingly stunning. Bharat Jadhav, in a totally different avatar, proves why he is one of the finest performers around while Ajinkya Dev portrays the role of a baddie with perfection. Santosh Juvekar, Ankush Chwodhary and Uday Sabnis play their part well too.

Ringa Ringa deserves to be watched even by the non-Marathi audience purely because it leaves you spellbound. Simply unmissable!

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  2. Posted by purav on April 18, 2011 at 8:51 am

    Good Absorbing Movie!
    Must see for all Sonali fans.
    She is a combination of Genelia D’souza, Shreya Saran & in addition has a great body too. Looks really plump, hot & carries saree very well in the film. Sonali is the major attraction in this film. A real Maharashtrian beauty.

    Infact I was so aroused when Sonali entered the scenes that I lost focus & missed out on the suspense-factor of the movie and had to re-see it to understand the movie.

    I strongly recommend this movie to not only the Maharashtrians but others also. Even if one does not understand Marathi, one can always savor the busty beauty Sonali. She has offered ample of it & acting-talent as well to the movie.

    Everyone enjoy it.


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