Answer or accept!

Recently, the so-called political party Shiv Sena targeted the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) for using the work Bombay in its title instead of Mumbai. Few party workers barged into the premises of BNHS and forcefully replaced the word Bombay from its signboard with Mumbai.

Yes, even I feel that the city should be called Mumbai instead of Bombay after its name was changed. But if someone wants to refer to it with the old name what problem do these chaps have? Is the word Bombay so obscene? Wasn’t the city called by this name for centuries? And if they hate the word Bombay so much, why have they spared Bombay Stock Exchange, the newspaper Bombay Times (the most widely read entertainment supplement) and Bombay Scottish School? Why not a single protest, agitation or gundagardi against them?

Interestingly, Uddhav Thackeray’s children are the ex-students of Bombay Scottish. Maybe, this is the reason why the school is spared. Talking about the cases of Bombay Stock Exchange or Bombay Times, maybe they haven’t heard these names. They might have nothing to do with the stock exchange as they don’t require it since they easily earn lakhs and crores (from unknown sources and measures). It is also possible that they haven’t heard the name of Bombay Times since the only newspaper which exists for them is Bal Thackeray’s bark-piece, Samana.

If this isn’t the case, the only possible reason for them not to protest or show gundagardi against Bombay Stock Exchange and Bombay Times is that they can only threaten and attack the weak. If this isn’t true, go force and threaten them.

Hats off to the BHNS for openly stating that it won’t bow down to the demands of Shiv Sena. Such courage is required to fight these terrorists. Apart from their shameful defeat in the elections, the recent thumbs down which Shiv Sena has received from the public of Mumbai during their My Name Is Khan agitation, from Rahul Gandhi and now from the BHNS should show them their true value in the eyes of the public of Mumbai, if they have any value.


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