Sachin Tendulkar Completes 20 Years in International Cricket!

Maybe for the first time in my life I am caught in a situation where I am eager and enthusiastic to express myself but I am not able to find the words.

Well, I have no problems with this because it is the bewilderment of the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar which is making me speechless as he completes 20 years in international cricket, 20 years of making India proud, 20 years of carrying the pressure of the whole match on his shoulders, 20 years of giving a nightmare to bowlers around the world, 20 years of being down to earth despite being the biggest cricketing hero in the world, 20 years of forcing tens of thousands of his followers to ram in the stadium just to watch him and last but not the least – 20 years of being what he is.

Sachin_century-NagpurBecause of my writer’s block right now (for which I am proud), I can just say I feel fortunate to have been born in this era as I got a chance to grow simultaneously with Sachin’s career.

If it wasn’t for Sachin’s determination and strong will, he couldn’t have completed two decades in international cricket because of the tremendous pressure laden on him to retire by some ‘so-called’ cricket experts since last 4-5 years. Well, they will still pester him to hang his boots and call it a day soon but who responds to barking dogs?

By the way, despite having a writer’s block, I still managed to write almost close to 300 words. Well, this is also because of the genius of the master!

Lastly, I am never able to keep my filmy keeda away which is forcing me to present you the Master Blaster in the following manners: –

Sachin - Sarkar Final2Sachin - Don Final2Sachin - Baadshah Final2Sachin - Shahenshah Final2

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  1. I too am so happy about it. But the recent statement-innings are spoiling the celebrations –


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