A Thursday

Why is October 12 so special for me? (No… it’s not my birthday and I am still single)

October 12… sounds like an ordinary date doesn’t it? But for me, it’s worth a thousand smiles. Something happened on this day which I so dearly wanted to happen since my childhood. I am sure many would consider my excitement as over the top but I can’t help. Three years back, I finally saw him in real and spoke with him (not her by any means). And before you start thinking, God knows what, let me come to the point and stop your weird imaginations. It was the day when I met the great Baadshah of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan!

I and my classmates, who were completing PG Diploma in Journalism, were sent by our college (K C College of Management Studies) to a talk show on NDTV show where SRK was the guest. I clearly remember how desperate I was to put in my name in the list of those who were interesting in attending the show. Thus began my wait for that Thursday, which finally arrived. After we reached Mehboob Studio for more than an hour, King Khan finally arrived dressed in a shirt and blue jeans. I could hardly believe my eyes and luck.

Pranab Roy, the host, quickly began the show. As Shah Rukh started answering questions on his daily life, we soon came to know how down to earth he is. We were all pleasantly surprised to see the biggest star behaving in the most simplest of manners just like any other common man. The show began to progress and so did King Khan’s friendliness with us. Also we were awestruck by his witty humor.


In between he also gave attitude tips in a totally non-preaching manner. It’s after listening to one of his tips that I have started doing every small activity with utmost dedication. SRK had said, “Even if you are just brushing your teeth you should brush it in such a way as if it is the last time you are getting a chance to do so.” Initially I wasn’t sure of this but still gave it a try few days after the show and today I am still enjoying doing every small activity enthusiasm.

Later in the show, selected few got a chance to ask Shah Rukh a question and of course I was one of them. While all were desperately pleading for the mike with all excitement, I just politely signaled Roy for a chance and it paid off. If there was a moment where calmness scored over desperation, this was one!

As I tried asking a question to SRK, I could feel my hand shaking, heartbeat thumping and my breath going irregular. I asked, “Are you looking forward to becoming a director ever?” and he answered humorously, “Yes, maybe after 4-5 years when nobody will give me work.” I won’t explain my reaction after this cameo of a talk with him because I will never be able to do so! And lastly, we broke the rules of the organizers and ran on the stage. Needless to say I was one of them. I can still feel his handshake.


The show ended as Shah Rukh Khan danced with few members from the audience. And this time, I, being the worst dancer in the world, was happy sitting in the audience as I had no intentions of making a fool of myself on national television! Thus, the show ended and so did one of the best moments of my life.

When my course ended, majority of my classmates felt the money spent on the fees wasn’t worth. In fact, almost all of them felt that… except me. Those few hours spent inside Mehboob studio never allowed me to feel that way.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by chamz on October 12, 2009 at 3:26 am

    Thank u very much for sharing your experince. I have watched that interview twice and i really enjoy watching it.
    i must tell u that u are one of the most lukiest person. I hope one day even i’ll be able to meet him


    • Hi,
      The pleasure is mine. And thank you very much to you for reading my blog and commenting on it.

      Yes I really feel lucky. Can’t forget that day yaar.

      And may God help you in meeting him some day surely. Inshallah

      Thanks again,



  2. “Initially I wasn’t sure of this but still gave it a try few days after the show” – brushing with dedication?? 🙂


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