Wake Up Raj!

The elections are back. Therefore, our politicians are going hell bent searching for issues which could gain them publicity and coverage by their ‘cheap’ acts. After searching far and wide, our (hate to address him as ‘our’) Raj Thackeray and his so-called political party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (even God doesn’t know which navnirman they mean) set their eyes on the Ranbir Kapoor starrer Wake Up Sid! as the film, being popular, might surely help them gain their much needed publicity.

By unearthing Maharashtra’s age-old issue, Raj has opposed the referral of our city as Bombay instead of Mumbai in Wake Up Sid! In fact, quite a few shows have been disrupted due to the hooligan protest by these hooligans. And sadly, this was enough for producer Karan Johar to apologize and promise to replace the word Bombay with Mumbai.

Even I strongly believe that the city should be called as Mumbai. In fact, ever since the city is renamed, I have never referred to it as Bombay. But if someone still calls it Bombay, then why that person is hated for it? Why these so called Mumbaikar’s react as if that person has uttered an abuse? Wasn’t this city known by this name earlier and that too with pride?

In a statement given to The Times Of India dated October 3, 2009, Raj has said, “If any producer dares to rename this city and refers to it as Bombay, then my men will protest in typical MNS style.”

Okay, so if Raj hates the word Bombay so much, why hasn’t he opposed (forget protesting) our stock market for being called as Bombay Stock Exchange? Why hasn’t he raised his eyebrows on the name of the school Bombay Scottish (where Raj’s son studied while his daughter is still studying)? And most importantly, why doesn’t he have any problem with the city’s premier entertainment newspaper called as Bombay Times? Why not a single protest in his ‘typical MNS style’ all these years?

This clearly shows that Raj and his hooligans have always targeted the weak. He knew very well that Karan Johar would succumb to his demand as the disruption would cost the film hugely. If this isn’t true, does he have any answers for the above questions?

It’s time for Raj to wake up and ask himself what he has really done for his beloved Marathi manoos except destroying public property and bashing up innocents. There are hundreds of issues in the city which need immediate attention and which could have been solved sincerely with a calm head, if he really wanted to. Instead, his cowardly acts have had no impact on the life of the Marathi manoos who has to fight everyday to earn a living.

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  1. good points raised!


  2. Posted by Kedar on October 4, 2009 at 1:58 am

    Good one Keyur.


  3. Posted by Aditya Kulkarni on October 4, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    Dude Keyur , the points u have raised r absolutely irrelevant n totally immature. N MNS has done lot for the maharastrians , despite not being in power.
    it is just tht those things r not publicized as much as these so called

    “GOONDA” THINGS R . n Secondly Despite Bombay being Renamed Mumbai , so many yrs back , lot of people refused to call it Mumbai. N the movie being a mass medium , it is essential tht it is referred to as Mumbai , especially as it it is set in today s time.


    • Thank you for your reply Aditya.
      Well that’s what my point is – if he wants everyone to call the city as Mumbai, why is he not protesting against Bombay Scottish, Bombay Stock Market and Bombay Times?

      I agree he has done a lot for many people. But at the same time, he has also beaten up innocents, destroyed public and private property and did all kinds of such gundagardi. All your good work is of no use if you have such “gundagardi” in your fitrat.

      And lastly, you and those so-called MNS do not have the answers to my questions hence it is appearing irrelevant.


    • Posted by fenilseta on October 7, 2009 at 4:01 pm

      Since cinema is a mass medium, it shows what is relevant. And Wake Up Sid actually depicts reality. There are many people in the city who still call the city by its old name, Bombay. People living outside the city also has a tendency to use Bombay instead of Mumbai. And that’s what the film throws light on.

      Also, there is no law that one cant call a city by its old name. And anyways, who cares if one calls Mumbai as Bombay? There is not going to be any significant and positive change in the lives of Mumbaikars if movies start refering to the city as Mumbai. People want to have a comfortable life here and fighting over a city’s name is not going to benefit the aam junta at all.

      And did you see the film? Remember the scene when Konkona says that she hailed from CALCUTTA. She didnt use the new name of the city, Kolkata. But no in West Bengal protested. Also, there have been countless films in which the word Bombay is used. Why didnt MNS bother at that time?

      To conclude, I feel Raj Thackeray is a might, powerful man who is fearless but isnt using his power properly. He can use his bravery and charisma in making the city a better place. But he isnt doing the needful. Let’s hope better sense prevails.



  4. Posted by Aditya Kulkarni on October 4, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    The Proposal to Rename Bombay Stock Exhange has been made n it has been accepted too , However constitutional provisions will take time. However there is a total diff btw naming a city n n naming a stock exhange. n Secondly ur point to rename a school is the most hilarious n stupid suggestions i have ever come across, seriously its absolutely kiddish.

    As far so called goondagardi is concerned , I totally agree thts violence is not the best method to change things or to make people understand things. sometimes there comes a time when things have to be totally shaken up to effect a change. U cant totally justify tht , but its a necessity to make certain people understand


    • It’s more than 13 years since the city has been renamed and still the proposal hasn’t been met. Then why not a single gundagardi protest for it? Why no pressure at all for it?

      And what’ so stupid or childish in renaming a school? If you can rename a city why can’t you rename a school? If throughout the city you can replace the word Bombay with Mumbai, then why can’t you replace it in the name of a school?

      Whenever MNS or any of its supporter don’t have an answer to a question, they label it as stupid, hilarious or childish. Nothing new in this.


  5. bombay scottish , bombay times r original names , they really dont need to be changed.

    What an explanation!! You can change the name of a city but you can’t change the name of a school or a newspaper. Well done.

    Even if the proposal was put forth by MNS just 6 months back, why not a single protest for it? Why no pressure for it at all?

    P. S: – I have edited the part of your comment which was going away from the point. As you had no logical answer, you started talking rubbish and started attacking personally. You are commenting like a typical MNS supporter, who diverts the topic and attacks the opposition on a personal level if he doesn’t have an answer to the question. But no problem. Get well soon.


  6. @ Aditya
    Talking about my movie reviews, you should have commented on it under any of my reviews. It is not at all relevant to comment about it under this post.

    And if anyone goes out of point and starts attacking personally just because he or she doesn’t have a relevant answer, the comment will be deleted. I patiently listened and replied to your comments but each time you were going out of point just because you don’t have an answer. Hence, you forced me to do it because typical MNS behavior is not allowed in my blog. Well, I can understand, being an MNS supporter, its difficult for you to keep away from such nuisance.


  7. Posted by Aditya Kulkarni on October 7, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    keyur , but why arent u publishing my post , i havent attacked u personally , nor abused u , nor used any vulgar language , u should have posted it , not edited tht part , n Mr Fenil seta , u wrote well , but people do care when Mumbai is called Bombay , its a emotional issue for lot of maharastrians n not just goonda gardi types , but lot of well heeled , educated maharastrians, i do agree tht lot of people especially non maharashtrians n lot of south mumbai people still refer to it as Bombay , cause unknowingly u r insulting the history of Mumbai. Cause the name Mumbai has lot of history to it.


  8. Posted by Aditya Kulkarni on October 7, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    i meant , but due to it , not cause before the insulting line. Anyways both of u , this is my last post , n yup keyur next time i will be commenting on ur movie review , lets c if u post it . have fun.


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