Unusual Characters Inside a BEST Bus

Being a Mumbaikar, one cannot escape regular voyages in our BEST busses. I am no exception and I feel fortunate for it as I just love our red-colored beauties (busses). While travelling all these years, I come across different types of unusual characters. I would like to categorize them and would also like to read their thoughts, of course in a fictitious manner.

BEST BusThe Ever Suspecting Types: Unfortunately I bump into such people regularly. Some co-passengers just stare at me with suspicion. They scan me from head to toe and look at me as if I am carrying explosives. Maybe he took the message ‘Look around for suspicious people’ a bit too seriously.

The Ever Offended Types: While following the rule of getting down from the front door, one has to pass through a line of standing passengers while asking them to excuse. When I ask one to give me way, they give me such an offended expression as if Ipoked a needle in his or her stomach while saying so!

The Hool Giving Types: There isn’t a single commuter (while travelling standing) who doesn’t hope that a passenger sitting near him gets up to leave. In such situations, I come across these Hool Giving types. These people give all indications a person gives seconds before alighting. They cling on the handle of the seat in front of them and some (females) even put the purse handle on their shoulder, only to get down after 20-30 minutes!

How Dare You Types: Unfortunately I come across many people (males) who sit in a bus seat with legs spread. When I ‘kindly’ ask the person to give some space, he gives such an angry expression as if saying, “How dare you ask the size of my underwear?” BEST Bus3

Hip-Hop Types: Some standees believe a bit too much in the term ‘hands free comfort’. These chaps refuse to hold any dandaa for their balance. Because of this, the bus movement forces them to dance from one corner of the bus to the other while the fellow standees are forced to be a part of their performance in the form of firm pushes. What a way of fulfilling the dream of pursuing your unfulfilled hobby!

It will be interesting to see whether I find some more types of characters in the future. I won’t mind more offended and suspicious looks or dance pushes or more hools as long as I get something to write another blog post.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Hahaha.. nice… seems like you enjoy your bus rides, although I wonder why you are always encountered with the suspicious type!


  2. Nice one. Enjoyed reading it


  3. hey cool article, fun to read. I’ve similar articles on my Mumbai local trains blog – for example http://bombay-local.blogspot.com/2008/09/main-pehle-utrungi-types-ill-be-first.html


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