New York Movie Review

New York2 Ratings – * * * *

To narrate a disturbing topic in a manner that pleases the masses needs a touch of class. Director Kabir Khan deserves a bow as he manages to do that with New York, which is just his second film after the impressive Kabul Express.

The story takes place between the years 2001 to 2008. Freshness blossoms in Omar Aijaz’s (Neil Nitin Mukesh) life when he meets Maya (Katrina Kaif) and Sameer aka Sam (John Abraham) in the New York State University. A bond develops between the trio and they soon become inseparable, until 9/11 occurs. The single event changes the equation between them.

Aditya Chopra’s story makes a brave attempt of unmasking the hidden monster behind the FBI. It portrays the worse then inhuman nature of the so-called security forces following the orders of George Bush.  It is necessary to show the world how Bush’s insane outlook towards Muslims gave birth to a number of terrorists.

The sensible and meaningful story is dealt wonderfully well by Sandeep Shrivastav’s screenplay and dialogues. Producing not a single uninteresting moment and many thrilling ones, he is worthy of applause.

From the performances point of view, it’s extremely difficult to point out the best. John proves himself as a winner with this one. A very difficult character portrayed with ease.

Neil’s admirers will surely add-up with this performance as he oozes perfection in every shot with maturity. Katrina performs her part well and has her moments too. The actress has improved her Hindi pronunciation.

However, it’s Irrfan Khan who turns out to be a surprise package as an FBI officer. The actor displays authority and power and makes his presence felt throughout in spite of the three main leads.

Pritam’s music suits the situations well. Hai Junoon (hope it’s not lifted like most of his hit numbers) sung by KK stands out. The songs are used only in the background and rightly so.

The technical aspects make New York a complete product. Credit goes to Aseem Mishra’s cinematography for capturing every moment with flawlessness. Julius Peckiam’s background score plays a major role in adding tension and thrill.

Overall, New York surely lives-up to the expectations. Watch it for the way Kabir Khan has narrated the saga while keeping the thrill quotient in mind. With the promising opening the film has gained, it looks like Bollywood’s prolonged bad days are finally going to end.

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